The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XX, Issue 4, November 2017

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Tina Bromberg photo.

Autumn. . .

October 2006


1. Go for a walk around the coast.
2. Find a shag colony.
3. Run faster than Mum so that you reach the shag colony before she does.
4. Roll, roll, and then roll some more in the shag poop which covers the sandstone rocks. Some of your winter fluff will come out straight away, more will come out as Mum gives you a bath.
5. Make sure you always hang onto one patch of dead fluff so that you still look weird for HALLOWEEN. I'm frightening the kids this year with my teeth, my snarl, my patchwork coat and my SCARRRRRRRR.

Takapuna, Auckland, NZ

Solis - Yulara Xenx - 10 months old, in Sweden

Fern running into Katy Ruttenberg's poster.

Chez Moot - October 2017

Lisa Osenni - Cuomo Property, Woodstock

Pjakkur Osenni: from Iceland to Mohonk.

Hio Olsson

Leaves by Lisa Marshall.

Tiger Lily and Huck Heinlein, "naked sunbathing".

Heike Föllscher, Germany

Jackie Dering - Halloween!

Phaedra King (R.I.P.) see Page 3

Lola 't Mannetje - NE.

Gilda, just cute.

San Diego autumn - Tippy & Stella Allen.

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