The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXV, Issue 4, November 2021

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©2021, Tina Bromberg, "Mrs. Blink".

Autumn. . .

Mia Lowbeer, in Sweden

Clacky-Jaw in Woodstock, NY.

Camping outside of San Diego - Tamara and Tippy Allen.

©Tina Bromberg, 2017.
Our view looking south to Ashokan Reservoir, the Shawangunk ridge, and favorite destination, Mohonk.

Below - ©Tina Bromberg, Quarry, 2021.

Goldie - autumn yard.


Sheila Maher - My favorite Birch in all his Glory.

Grace, Paris, Wison and Lola Johnsson.

Baxter and Cybele and Baxter Armen, in Central Park, NYC.

Chris and Betty

Maverick Concert Hall. S K-M

Lisa Osenni, pre Sharky.

DC Apu Must Be the Money SC - Trill.

Miranda Marshall at the High Water Mark monument in the battlefield park.

DC Apu Get the Helloutta Dodge CA SC FCh GRC ORC JOR CGC VB - Obike -
winning the ASFA Region 9 Regional (fall of 2007).

Sanderbelly forever.

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