The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXI, Issue 4, November 2017

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Eva Pianfetti in Italia

S K-M, New York


Cornfield in Oaxaca, Mexico, by Katherine Koch

Susan Kamen Marsicano My Scarlet walked off the racing field in NJ and into a huge cornfield. I never knew how scary a cornfield is.

Susan Kamen Marsicano She emerged, just soon enough to not terrify me. Karen Christensen went in after her and recounts that there are spiders.... every 3 feet.

Susan Kamen Marsicano She did scare a whole lot of the other people who were trying to find her, and after I had her, we had to talk Moot out of the cornfield.

Katherine Koch Apollo will suddenly become invisible in the very high flowering grass in our yard--not that strange vibe of a tall cornfield, though.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Katherine - That sort of thing I'm used to, but the cornfield is Halloweenish.

Katherine Koch I can imagine! The sounds alone, in there, and the sense of its being impenetrable. And she's a fair amount shorter than Apollo!

Susan Kamen Marsicano She was decked out in her sparkle blue spandex racing jacket.

Scarlet's daughter, Rose, in a blue jacket.

Susan Kamen Marsicano They started seeing blue in there after about 15 minutes.

Katherine Koch That is way too long. I would have been very nervous at that point.

Katherine Koch I'm glad she was wearing such a stand-out color!

Susan Kamen Marsicano The cornfield fronts on a highway & I was in my van about to head there when she first came out.

Susan Kamen Marsicano She came out, and went back in when people tried to catch her, but when she saw my van, she hopped right into to the side door, where her crate and her sister were.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Thank God no one really scared her more than she was scared, so she still was able to think.

Katherine Koch When Cannonball was very young, around a year old, he got out into the street and got run over! Thank goodness he was basically fine and, as you know, went on to live a long and happy life, but yes, at that moment he was so terrified he lost his bearings and zoomed around the neighborhood unable to find his home. Some Good Samaritans took him to the local animal hospital, where another neighbor found him and came to tell us, in person, in those days before the ubiquity of cell phones.

The Mighty Canonball.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Katherine - he certainly lived a long and wonderful life! But, yes, they get feral very quickly.

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