The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 4, November 2021

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Kamen photo, "My Own" - 2021.

Sunshine. . .

"This must be uncomfortable." Luke stepping on Harley's tail. Dering

New Titles & Kudos:

Susan Mariscano's Fern and Scarlet each got their AKC VSWB titles, as they approach their 14th Birthday.
Here they are in early 2008, 3.5 months old.

Andrea Stone's Phaser finished her Championship, in style! Ahe also went all the way around and got her Senior Courser title!

Andrea Stone's Turkish got his first RA leg. FC Saorsa FoPaw's Notorious RI SC CA BCAT TKP ATD NW3 L1C L1I L1V.


A family tradition continues. - Gage, Best of Opposite Sex at the All Hound Club of Bellingham show.

The Stewart's Alita - New CH, DC with a 4 Pt Major. Thank you to judge Bonnie Linnel Clarke for a great experience for the piddles. Now she needs just 2 points for her Grand. DC Meisterhaus The Next Level SC TKP CA DCAT ETD CCF1 VBS2.

Update! Alita! is now a GRAND CHAMPION

Joe Stewart Photo

Tempest got her AKC Virtual Scentwork Beginner title. GCH DC UCH Miesterhaus Neon Nights MC LCX2 THDA CGC BCAT TKP VSWB SGRC JOR ORC UP TDx GEOA DSA DSA ETD LCM2 CFCH MVB. 

Brenda Phillips' Zippie. New Title: AKC Novice Interior and therefore overall SW Novice, which qualifies her to bump up in levels on the Versatile Basenji Honor Roll.

I have been chasing that last novice Scent work Q all summer, once even bragging prematurely that we had it, whoops, but she got 'er done today, happy and confidently which was the best part! She's still not in favor of posing for pictures....we stopped in the way home for treats to share with all the good dogs. UKC CH AKC FC Makindu Sez You! RN SC CGC TKI ORC SGRC IAC NF CL-1 SCN SBN SEN SIN

Chris Klein and Betty, winning her second major. Yay!
Turley Arsdale photo. She finshed on 24 October.

Congratulations on retirements!

Tamara Allen, Lisa Stewart, Kristine Dougherty, & Carol Mount.

Tamara and Tippy

Our best wishes to Lavonda Herring, for a speedy recovery, after a hip replacement. Her sense of humor rules.

Susan Marsicano's Leaf achieved his Championship, which made him a Dual Champion + some GCH points. He also got his Intermediate AKC scentwork title, VSWI. He is of now, #1 NOTRA basenji. DC Apu Painted Cat Burglar RI SC CAA ORC BID TKP VSWI JOR VBX. My sweetheart of a Cat Burglar.

The Stewart's Thena GOT HER CHAMPIONSHIP. CH Meisterhaus The Next Chapter TKN.!!!

Susan Marsicano's Goldie got her SECOND major & needs one point to finish.
Goldie also accomplished her AKC Virtual Scentwork Experinced title - Apu La Donna e Mobile RN SC CA TKP VSWE ORC JOR.

Linda Butterworth's Oognah - Vesper Terra-Blue Hot Summer Dream OAP NFP NJP - earned her Open standard agility title + Open Jumpers with Weaves. She just turned 2 in May, and has had very limited showing. She was WB, for her first 2 points, on the Vermont circuit.

Wendy Hodges' Jillian (Shamasan Travlin' The Road Less Traveled) and her son, Trace (Running Hound Summer Wind), went to whippet nationals in Santa Fe, NM.  They both earned legs in Rally, competed in agility, lure coursing and conformation. Jillian ended up placing 3rd in Versatility (=agility, coursing, rally and conformation) and 4th in Triathlon (=obedience, coursing and conformation). 

Most of all, we enjoyed some beautiful sunsets and desert mountain scenery.  

Renee Meriaux's Mosely got her ANDD title! Advanced Novice title.

Susan Marsicano's Gildawent to a show, after a long time not showing, end of August and found herself Winners Bitch. She got a point 5 years ago, on her 6 month birthday. Now she has 3.



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