The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXII, Issue I, February 2018

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1. Observations on a cold night.
2. Cold toes.

Jingle Cruzate

It took 2 coats, 4 boots and a pocket full of chicken to get this African hound to relieve herself outdoors today. She’s like, “This is so humiliating! What do you expect when you displace my breed from our ancestral homeland?”

Sanders LaCroix - "Let me in."

Observations on a cold night:

Karen Christensen:

The basenjis have no more interest than I have, in being outside.

The heat is running almost continuously to keep the house warm. Basenjis love this situation, so they are easy to find and moderately well behaved. Believe me when I tell you they have proven me wrong even as I typed the above....

Torrea Leborn:

Borzois insist on staying outside in these freezing temps., while I can't get warm enough.

Karen Christensen:

I remember watching IW puppies find drafty doors to sprawl next to in a warm house in February a few years ago. So different from nekkid hounds.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Mine have the zoomies.

Karen Christensen mine too. Tutu busy shredding a crate pad

Susan Kamen Marsicano Left the bedroom door & library door open. Nice run for them.

Karen Christensen mine go up to the romper room, climb the walls, down the stairs, skid thru the hallway and kitchen to the futon. It would be more fun with the living and dining rooms open but I need a couple hours to make them dog safe...

Natalie Culver Picked up Obike from the kennel once we finally got home thru the traffic jam of CT today. Harry Tried to walk Obike this evening. Harry says Obike was miserable but did at least pee. Then yes zoomies once back inside (to warm up) before planting roots in front of heat vent on kitchen floor.

Karen Christensen I just finished walking my crew with Kelly - their first time on leash since Monday, as the past 3 nights have been to cold and dark for basenjis to consent to even a short walk. They seemed happy enough with the daylight variable -- snug in their Montana Dogware coats.

Karen Christensen we've thought of Obike a few times the past few days. Glad to hear he's his spunky self.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Wish we could find someone to make some more Montana Dogware coats!

Natalie Culver for Christmas for Obike my mom just mended Kunjos old Montana Dog Ware so Obike can use it <3 took off Old velcro & sewed on new Velcro

Susan Kamen Marsicano Natalie This is certainly the winter for those great coats.

{Ed. Montana Dogware has "retired". Sadly, for us.}

Tutu, Rose, Rip Christensen, Montana Dogware.

"Let us in"

Gilda, small Montana Dogware.
Gilda, "a nose for moi?"

Cold toes.

Karla Schreiber

This morning Eddie ran out a bit too far into the frozen and bitter cold yard to take care of business,
and for the 1st time in his young life, experienced the horror of "frozen foot syndrome!"

"My mawm is my hero!"

He flopped and wobbled his way to the back door, and let out a piteous shriek! I let him in, and immediately grabbed the foot in question with both hands, to warm it up. The look on his face was priceless! To Eddie - I'm now a female Marjoe Gortner ... I can heal with the power of my hands - lol!! He followed me around for a good 10 minutes, jumping up and trying to hand me his feet! (His foot is fine, btw)..

Carolyn Nagle Poor baby. My old guys are not even attempting to go out in this. Mom will clean it up.

Karla Schreiber I have a couple like that - but a spry youngster like Eddie has to brave the elements for at least a few minutes. His error was going waaaay to far out onto the "back forty..."

Carolyn Nagle I remember having them go out, start screaming and us going out to carry them in. I do not miss that. I would rather just clean up the mess.

Karla Schreiber I've had to do that, too - thankfully Eddie didn't decide to holler until he was practically back inside....

Carolyn Nagle Youth.

Karla Schreiber Indeed. And his mom Portia sis Magenta went out too - but only the boy..... ran way too far out... ;)

Sally Wuornos Now he'll limp for that warm hand game every time he comes back in. Zsa Zsa did the same thing yesterday, so now they go into the area out the back door, under cover with saw dust so no more frozen feet around here.

Susan Kamen Marsicano "sympathy lameness".

Sally Wuornos Yup. Mat and Kathy Albrecht had a funny story about Charlie Brown. He broke his leg as a yearling or so, cast came off and all was fine. Then he started limping on the opposite front leg cause he missed the sympathy, like a couple of weeks after the cast came off. Funny!

Karla Schreiber At least there is no awful sidewalk salt to contend with in my yard ! I'm sure you guys remember THAT - it's evil! ???

Susan Marsicano When I lived in Manhattan I would just tell a screaming girl dog who stepped in salt to be quiet & step in the clean snow. They indeed did that.

Karla Schreiber I used to walk mine in Chicago in the winter, and just carry an old rag or some paper towels. The minute they started yelping, I'd grabbed them, wipe their feet, and off we go! My ex husband and I experimented with several types of boots at the time, but they were all a joke. Max could fling them off in seconds flat!

Susan Marsicano In NH, where we often are for agility trials. It’s often colder than here in NY. 6:45 one morning last year, all 7 could not walk. Their front legs just collapsed. Was -14 or so. An hour later they managed.

Cellini Fitzsimmons

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