The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXIV, Issue 2, May 2020

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Quarantine stories 2. . .

Some of us are making some art.

Hannah Culver

S K-M Studio (Castleloft)

Nicholas Culver

Social Distancing

Kim McNeill - it is easy and best to practice social distancing when you have a bully stick.

Karen Christensen - Yesterday's social distancing fail.

Tutu threw herself at the feet of Winter Petteruti and her buddies in my neighborhood and insisted on being petted. Rip also got in on the goods; Rose avoided the camera but she is just silly for Winter. Tutu has really hated the isolation and avoidance of hands when we walk. You can see how delighted she is with the attention!

I put the dogs out in the sunlight when we got home, for about 2 hr, and also wiped them down before they came in (and washed my hands, again)


Tina Bromberg - good thing they don't have to practice social distancing at home.

Brenda Phillips - I thought I'd try yoga.

Bump Wojcik trying out their ganddaughter's chair.

Chris O'Rear
Beautiful weather this morning for a short hike with Swagger - we did about 3 miles and Swagger had a wonderful time
Our times together like this are what brings my spirits up, and keeps my head clear for the week ahead at work. It really lifted my spirits today.

We got bubbles out this morning for the kids morning outside play. From type way Jasper & Ivy reacted to the lots-of-bubbles bubble machine I’m guessing they’ve never been out in the yard playing when Hannah and Nicholas were playing with bubbles before. Jasper really made me laugh with his snap snap snapping at the bubbles.

It was a good laugh. And Hannah just was telling me the other night at bedtime that she wished we had more laughter. So I’ve been trying to laugh each day. The dogs snapping at the kids bubbles was my fun laugh today.

Oh & in background 2 days ago we got the old agility equipment out. Something I’ve not made time to do with the pups. Ivy is super smarty at it all. Jasper needed to actually be taught how to go on a tunnel and go over a jump. and he’s scared to step onto a dog walk plank down on the ground. Ivy just did it tunnels and jumps and angled weave polls, for a treat, without me having to explain it much to her. She’s very treat motivated & smart.

Today was start of online learning for Hannah’s 2nd grade as her elementary schools starts trying online things. And Harry was able to work from home again for portion of this week (thankful he can work remotely some now along with me). I got the tennis rackets & gear out for the kids to hit tennis balls against the back of the house. It was beautiful early spring day today.

Ivy the ball dog spied the good cans of tennis balls and made off with one (I rescued It from her just after these pics & reminded her there are plenty of “dog balls” out in the yard that are not good enough for tennis any longer. She tried to explain to her why she didn’t need three fresh new tennis balls). Ivy preferred the new ones. Lol - so I closed the dogs inside while tennis ? were hit around by the kids.

Kim McNeill - 375 (total, since this started) masks out the door. That number includes 34 that are going to the Dine' (Navajo) today. I hope they know they are NOT forgotten and that they are valued. I think what I have done is but a drop in the bucket, their need is great.

Trying on mine. S K-M

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