The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXV, Issue 4, November 2021

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The "climbers" contest winners.

Svetlana Shubinova
A lazy rainy morning.

Jackie Dering's Luke, in Vermont.

S K-M's cat burglar. Below when he was wee.

Irena Peštová's Nzangi.

Dilys Blair-Bain - How do you work this printer?

Second story Goldie and Leaf Marsicano.

Lola with Moyo, 't Mannetje.

Tiegan Pick perches on the back of a loveseat.

and below, so does Miles Pick

Lisa Voss - Spot, you are a weirdo.


Lorriane Kraft - Life with a basenji:
The cutest little black and white girl in THE ENTIRE WORLD just used moving boxes to climb onto our very tall kitchen table. Cappy is such a naughty, rotten, perfect girl.

Brigitte Kürsten's Don.

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