The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXII, Issue 1, February 2018

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The "Never without my teddy. . .

contest winners are:

Family of bears for toy drive donation. Tippy Allen inspecting to be sure they are worthy. She gives them two paws up.

Mysti Dering

Cherry "Woo" Christensen - early 2001.

Fiddle, "what foot?"

Thank you for using Nemo & his big duck as an example!
It's always a surprise that tugs at my heart to see pix of my kids in the Wrinkler.

Here's a very old photo of Lily and the little teddy she loved.
It accompanied her across the Rainbow Bridge in 2014.

Ivan Pick Sutton.

Maddie's first toy.

Beck Chodock.

Yvonne't Manntje, "no more teddy".

Zippie and Captain Phillips.

Gilda's got it. She deosn't care if it's not a teddy.

This . . .

And then this happened - Lizabeth McCargo

Liner "borrowing" Dani Webber's toy.

How to keep some stuffies safe. Niner and the Steiffs.

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