The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXII, Issue 2, May 2018

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The "Pals. . ."

contest winners are:

India the Saluki with Shakka and Elahi Grewe.

Aeden and Pi Butterworth.

Mucha and baby Zest! McNeill.

Zest! and youngster Devon (Silken Windhound) McNeill.

Baby Tutu with Riki Schelzi.

Another Aeden and Pi. Love it.

Oakley and Peyton Meriaux.

Ariel and Tessie Sigrist.

Fernie and an Irish Wolfhound.

Lola and Moyo 't Mannetje with their curly friend.

Kohlette and Al Hotaling.

Maddie and Bolt Stewart.

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