The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXV, Issue 2, May 2021

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The "Basenji Gardeners"contest winners.

Nike Phillips's daughter, Clover, shows how it's done.

Fiddle preparing the soil.

Fiddle Dig - See Video

Goldie, most lazy gardener.

See video

Jasper and Ivy Culver

"Yard ornaments enjoying this nice spring day & then both smelling something “over that way” on the wind, synchronized sniffing, cute! Dogs are happy.
Nicholas wanted to dig in the dirt so he’s back in garden plot we made last year digging away (we’ll try not to notice the spots ALL over the yard where Jasper has been digging, including near Ivy in this pic and sending Harry into near conniption fits over the digging as Harry says “YOUR DOG is tearing up the lawn”, and “YOU NEED to do something about it & YOU NEED to TRY TO TRAIN them to NOT DIG”. oh boy, lol. Jasper is particularly into digging... and Harry and Jasper haven’t come to an agreement about this situation yet. lol"

Mellie O'Rear.

See video.

Ian Christensen.

Occhi Marsicano, with Guy Noir to the left.

See video.

Luke Dering.

Harley Dering.

Sunny Hess.

Fiddle dee dee.

Tiegan and Miles Pick Sutton.
"It has been rainy, which means Tiegan and Miles’ backyard is damp and in some places squishy. They are not at all interested in doing gardening or yard work at the moment. They will probably find this more attractive in about a month. So, a photo of our beloved angel Ivan when he was helping me with landscaping, and a photo of Tiegan,
our Princess of Sunshine and Magic as she rests under the oak tree and watches me work outside."

Sizzle Mayer - "Even resting, one can get some use out of the garden."

Nzangi Peštová loves grass.

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