The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XV, Issue 3, August 2011

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Five sets of ears. Can you find them? S K-M photo

the your ears need my attention. . .

contest winners are:

Ashley Pistorio's Newton

Newton doesn't get it. How could anyone NOT appreciate a good ear cleaning?

Pistorio photos

Kim Van de Lest's Hafuko Amani Toka Kilima

Van de Lest photo

Karen Sahulka's Moon & Dawn

The first is Dawn (daughter) cleaning Moon (mother).


And the second is Moon cleaning Dawn.  

Sahulka photos

The Stewart's Trog

Stewart photo

S K-M's Guy Noir
see YouTube video ~ Basenji family grooming

S K-M photos

Carrie Squire’s Callie

I tried to get a good picture of ear cleaning, but every time I got up to get the camera, the dogs would stop to see what I was doing and wouldn't cooperate. However, Callie licks Otto, my boyfriend's bulldog, so much all over his ears and face that he started to develop a raw sore. Now we have to make her stop whenever we catch her grooming him, which confuses both of them. I think Otto rather enjoys it, but its hurting him.
The funniest part is, Callie is not very playful, but when she grooms Otto, he always eventually turns it into a play match. Lola will join in. There is nothing funnier than watching a bulldog try to play basenji style.

Morning "ear flap" video

Yvonne 't Mannetje's Dana

S K-M's Scarlet

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