The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIV, Issue 3, August 2020

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The "All Good Dogs. . ."

contest winners are:

Nicholas, Jasper, and Charlotte Culver.

Zippie, Captain, & Nike Phillips

Kipawa is a well trained and well-behaved basenji, but he sure was put to the test on this day.

Apu kids.

Chris Maxka - I have a sweet little story about Seri at her first Fast CAT race this past Tuesday…my friend Heather was releasing her, but Seri wriggled away and ran into the parking lot, looking for our car and me. I was far away at the finish line, when I heard screams of “Loose dog!” and saw people running. Then I saw Seri, tail down looking quite frightened, and strangers all around, trying to approach her. I quickly gave my special “long distance call;” she heard me and was looking for me. I got into her line of sight and waved my arms and called again. She saw me. Like a little red streak she raced straight across the parking lot, the grass, and into my arms, all to the great astonishment and delight of the onlookers. And THEN she ran her two Fast CAT in good time. Good girl, Serendipity!

Good little doggies.
Tiegan and Miles playing tunnel on a rainy day. They try to be good. That counts for me. Peggy Pick

I don’t seem to have photos of Sizzle being a good dog . . . mostly she’s sleeping.

This is from a chilly August morning in 2018 in Hudson; Sizzle sits patiently while I take a photo of us. Debby Mayer

AJ and Lela Grewe.

Stella and Tippy - My security staff at work. Rabbit patrol.
There is a baby bunny living under my neighbors front deck. Tamara Allen

The boys, Ivan and Newton.

Indy Bing Harlan at 15 years old.

Good boy, Luke Dering.

Baxter and Cybele Armen, Central Park.

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