The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIV, Issue 2, May 2020

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The "Stack like turtles. . ."

contest winners are - page 2:

How the tortoise won the race. Gloria Allen's taxi service. Feb. 2015

Yes, the after burners do go into overdrive at dinner time. That girl enjoys her meals. Thankfully.. Oh great - now she is thinking turtle soup for dinner... The turtle is doomed.

Tippy - she decided it should be turtle soup tonight instead..

The turtle remembered "rub her belly rub her belly" and saved itself from the soup as the beast fell into a deep slumber.

Chez Phillips.

Pha and Gage Stone

Chez Stewarts, Another episode of extreme layering.

S K-M - I call that “the bumps on a log” routine. It’s commonly found when basenji dogs exist.

Xander Stewart

Don Kürsten

Chez Osenni, Pjakkur makes a warm nest.

Chez Dering

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