The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XIV, Issue 3, August 2010

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Larry & Ruby Cruisin' by Rick Christensen

Feedback. . .

Love these blurry portraits - Ashley Pistorio's photo of herself, Bella & Newton

April, 26th, 2010

Re:  The Wrinkler is published

Dear Susan:  Neat  ! Congrats ! ……….........JEAN DODDS

11561 Salinaz Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92843
Tel #: 714-891-2022
Fax #: 714-891-2123

April, 26th, 2010

Hi Susan!

It's always a such wonderful surprise to see pics of my kids in the Wrinkler!  THANK YOU!  I'm pleased to have inspired a new contest but am wondering if any of those already shown can qualify as an entry?  I do have others that I can submit ... is there a limit to the number of entries?  I would like to try for a "nice artsy prize", too!


Love the Wrinkler.  Every issue has been so interesting and fun to read. Keep up the great work!..... RHODA JOHNSON-BYRNE

May 11th, 2010

Would you please pass on my thanks to the Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club, and Debby Mayer in particular, for the very special sympathy card sent when Ruby passed? I smiled through tears at the thought of Ruby being welcomed by many other basenjis and making an unhurried inspection of "the celestial boulevard".

I still ache for Ruby's watchful presence, her silliness, and her warmth, but am so glad that she is free and pain-free.

Thanks again for the thoughtfulness of the members, and for your own kind thoughts……………………...................................CHEY MILLER

June 25th, 2010

Update on Florida rescues

Debbi Johnson:

We haven't done an update in a while because we have been very busy placing puppies in new, forever homes.

I thought some of you might want to watch the puppies in action.

TouTube: Wimauma Basenjis

Peggy Pick Sutton:

Last week we went to the BRAT convention in Alexandria, VA. Very nice presentations, but holy petunia it was hot. The day we went to Mount Vernon, it was 104.

Here’s 2 photos of Eric enjoying the company of one of the FL Wimauma puppies. Several of them were at the BRAT convention on their way to foster homes.  Even though we were very tempted, we did not try to smuggle a puppy home with us.

May 9th, 2010

re: the May Wrinkler

It’s wonderful - as always. I do find the online version really growing on me.

The articles about sitting on top of the sofa and ruining the cushions is very true. Andiamo has destroyed a few of them making her nests. Last new couch I turned the back seat cushion upside down, zipper up, then it has half a chance to last twice as long because I can flip it over when guests come over and it looks less like a dog bed and more like a piece of furniture.

Cracked me up.

Loved the basenji crawling into the sink photo -- Reminded me of Batsy.  He was such a big boy, he could stand on his back toes and just get his nose up to the kitchen counters - stole many a cinabon and candy treat that way………......................................................TAMARA E. ALLEN

May 6th, 2010

Hi Susan,

Bella says thank you for her peeing prize.  She considered eating it, or peeing on it, but I whisked it away before she had her chance.

The May Wrinkler looks awesome!  As always you do a great job on it.  And I really like being able to flip through it online.  Thanks for making that happen!

On an aside note, I had Rick GALLIONE make me some leather martingales... gave him the dimensions... and then told him to go off with his own artistic license and surprise me.  He did a great job as always.  I think our collar complement is now complete..………………………………ASHLEY PISTORIO

{Ed: MASTERS PRIDE – Richard Gallione}

Ashley Pistorio sketches

May 14th, 2010

Hello Susan

Another fine Wrinkler. What an excellent job you all do!

Tutsi is pleased as punch to have finally won something in her life and peed to celebrate. Thank you for my beautiful artwork which arrived safe in the mail. It is now on the wall above my bed.

Having Guy Noir above my bed is “dreamy” ... he’s so beautiful. As GN says: “She had a Mount Rushmore t-shirt on, and those guys never looked so good. Especially Jefferson and Lincoln. Kind of bloated but happy.”

Tutsi says: “Tell Guy I’m wearing my Mount Rushmore t-shirt!”

 ~ Tutsi the Queen of Pee……………...........….ERIN FOGARTY

June 15th, 2010

Good evening, Susan,

We just watched the movie, "Man on Wire" about Philippe Petit and his various high wire walks, culminating in his most famous walk (dance) between the Twin Towers.  The entire time I was thinking of you and your beautiful poster.  How I wish I could have been there to see this magical, fantastical feat!  I may have been too terrified for him to actually watch, though.

I was just wondering if you've ever met Philippe?  According to Wikipedia, he lives right there in Woodstock!

Your poster touches me on so many levels ...

that it has basenjis, the profound significance of the 9/11 tragedy, the simple beauty of the art itself, and now that I've seen the film about the man who inspired you to create it, I feel a certain sense of intimacy and connectivity to it ... weird as it may sound.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about seeing the film, and thank to you again for making your poster available for everyone to enjoy.  Love it……………………. RHODA JOHNSON-BYRNE

{Ed:  Man on Wire in the February Wrinkler, 2009. To see the story behind the poster, & view the poster, still available, scroll down here.}

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