The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXI, Issue 4, November 2017

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Thoughtful Nike.

Feedback. . .

Suddenly, there was this. . .
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Dash and Didi

Janet Barry's kids from long ago.

Here they are. Bravo bravo! The top men's masters crew team in the nation. Yay!! Riverfront Recapture Rowing (of Hartford , CT this is Harry's crew team).

Harry's bottom left with most of his award winning team. He is super excited & proud that all on his team rowed so well quite the feat considering the team is relatively new, Riverfront has only fielded a competitive team for 10 years & highest they've placed at nationals before was 5th.

Very cool! Harry won bronze in his division men's pairs & won gold (wow!) twice with his age division men's lightweight 4 (his lightweight 4 boat with cox & cox-less lightweight 4).

This was in Tennessee two weekends ago I didn't post yet, waiting for this pic. So Harry's teammates were big winners while I was (jokingly) complaining about him not joining start of our family vacation.
Glad I talked him into returning to row this year (he took hiatus when Nicholas was born because its such a time crunch on family life to have him off at crew practice 4 times per week), and glad he decided to attend & compete at nationals (again he almost didn't go because he didn't want to leave me alone managing the kids & dog by myself for 4 days straight).

That's why I planned our Colorado vacation at same time (so Harry wouldn't feel guilty leaving me, the kids and Obike dog for this competition)...................................................NATALIE CULVER

MORE Natalie!

Nicholas made me laugh yesterday when he, Harry & I stopped back by the house in am before work, after dropping Hannah at the 1st day of Kindergarten. I thought N might miss Hannah & might look around house for her.

No. Nicholas promptly crawled up onto Hannah's spot in the kitchen (step stool at counter we've always used so H can see what's cooking literally & so she can have snacks & be above dog's snack grabbing reach.). Hannah usually eats breakfast there & she doesn't like N to join her on "her" step stool.

So Not only did he crawl up there right away but he also went straight to finishing off her leftover breakfast. This all made me laugh, as it made me think of teen/collage age kids who have to share a room until the oldest goes off to college. That was Nicholas. He was like, all right I finally can use her spot/use her step stool at the kitchen counter without her knowing.)

Debby Mayer said, "He also sounds like a basenji."

Wendy Hodges' Tank! got mail!

Please visit our Facebook Page - Rip Van Wrinkle Basenji Club. You can see the Feedback from the last Wrinkler there.

Douglas Nielsen is always missing Odette and Swanny. 1980s

Our club made donations to hurricane ravaged Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, via the Red Cross, and Unidos Por Puerto Rico.


This happened about three weeks ago.

We got back from Lowes and unloaded 10 bags of rocks for around the shed. I let the dogs out, used the bathroom, went back to see what they were up to, figured they were checking out the bags of stones, found the gate opened, Luke is there, Harley is gone, go to the sidewalk, call her and she comes trotting back soaking, dripping wet. Walked down the street to ask the neighbor if she's wet because of a sprinkler or if she got into trouble with his dog. He says "what this little thing? No, I just saw them chasing each other around the corner". I'm like "them?" So Luke came home and Harley got wet. Mystery for the ages. I think she fell into a neighbor’s fish pond.

She wasn’t talking. She was soaked and dripping. And rather matter of fact. Both or us thought the other had shut the gate and felt really awful.

Thankful for her recall

We're thankful Barb Sauceda's owl friend was safe during the California fires.

Happy 4th Birthday to Tiegan Cook

Mai Voss getting so big!

Stella Allen's globe.

Bump at HRVHA lure coursing.

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