The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIII, Issue 4, November 2019

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Happy Halloween! Little, my cat. Miss her.


Find Fern.

Annechien Smith - On Missing Polly.

so miss watching the table with food,
having to pull a chair out for her to sit in,
or pulling a kitchen chair right out of her way so that she cannot climb on the worktops,
or falling over her as I try to cook,
or having her squashed between my legs and the kitchen cupboards as I prepare a meal,
or closing all of the doors in the house,
or putting all bags with shopping away, or closing the dog cupboard before she beats me to it,
or warning friends to put all bins away and close doors before we visit,
or picking up handbags of visiting friends
I miss the yodels of happiness and the loud shouts of hunger.
I miss the warm, soft body
I miss the big beautiful eyes looking straight at me, never wavering
I miss our lovely, naughty Polly, who never bat an eyelid, who never melted butter in her mouth, who never had enough to eat.
It is hard to know that we shall miss her forever.

About the August Wrinkler!

Jackie Dering Whenever possible I stop what I’m doing to read the Wrinkler. Today it was possible and so worth it. Fun issue!

Lotta Olsson Thank you for including Hio ?? Love it, the one with Lady Gaga was really funny ??

Susan Kamen Marsicano Lotta I even made myself laugh at Lady Gaga & Hio. ?

Sue Schulz Beautiful edition!!!

Debby Mayer Love the selfies, and the new contest . . . maybe Sizzle and I can think of something . . . more later . . .

Tamara Allen I was looking for "warm toes" on the story of nudes :)

Susan Kamen Marsicano Want me to put her in there? I can.

Tamara Allen I think she fits in rather nicely to the conversation !

Chris O'Rear Came home feeling exhausted and little defeated after a really tough afternoon at work and finding this edition of the Wrinkler brought my spirits back up.

Thank you for including Swagger and for doing all the hard work on this publication ?

Kipawa Harder Yay! Always a delight to read. Thank you so much!

Lisa Stewart Aw, Maddie says great issue

Brenda Phillips Half way through, so much to read! Excited about the new contest!!

Annechien Smith Great as ever, and so many thanks and lots more tears to see Polly in there too.

Heike Föllscher Thank you so much for the Wrinkler!I love it !?And thank you for including a photo of Simba

Andrea Stone Lots to read!!

Luisa Ghetti Grazie

Kipawa Harder I read it all in one fell swoop yesterday. I enjoyed it

Uschi Grewe As always a wonderful issue, great job Susan. Loved the Selfies a lot!


I am officially coming out of the cave bed and announcing I am Trans slender. That’s Right! I will no longer tolerate the Blonde Two Legs comments concerning the cushiness of my tushyness. Skinny is a state of mind not not a state of being. Especially not a state of being on a Die It. I used to think it was a Die Ate where you died just a little bit when smelling what the Sketchy Bald Two Legs prepared and the small amount rendered to an emaciated whippet gourmand. Now I know it entails the Two Legs trying to feed you IT! I know IT. I ran up on the Trog Dog in the backyard to play and he ITed on my nose. The Bald Dude called me ITHEAD and groped me with a wet washcloth. I was not amused!! Well the Blonde tries to sneak green beans and Brussel Sprouts into my kibble. I will not eat them Sam I Am!!!! They smell like butt bombs! They only butt nuggets I want are served warm with cheese and come from chickens. Your Weight is just the number of likes you’ve given warm eggies after all. Anyway as an official member of the Trans slender community I want to point out that skinny dogs have no bellies. No bellies means no belly rubs. No belly rubs means Sketchyness has occurred. That means that Bald Headed Boobinator need to be accountable and his left shoe disciplined! I hid it in the garage while he was offloading groceries. I think a tire tread pattern will squish the Sketchy out of it and provide a bit of fashion to the Mr. Magoo impersonator. If not it’s gonna be a case of one flush or two! Repeat after me. I want seconds! Maddie

I don’t get one share of the warm cheese Eggies, sausage turnover, or the bacon. That Bald Headed Boobinator is not a slow learner - he’s a no learner. I allowed the unwanted nail trim and the poke and stick place a couple of paws ago because I got bites of steak. But that low down, follicle challenged, food hoarder is not sharing again. I think the Blond Two Legs may be involved. I think she may have implemented another Die Ate protocol. I’m gonna have to think about doing something to the fabric room vibrator. I hear it has multiple feet so as soon as I figure which is the left one there will be vengeance. I have a very particular set of skills for Sketchy. I will look for it’s left shoe, I will find it and I will deSketchitize it! This involves does involve relocation and moisture testing of the offending object. Anyway, the Tzar Of Sketch, the Bald Two Legs is failing to provide sustenance. I whined, I sat, I downed, I lifted paw, I pawed his leg, repeatedly. I even gave him snuggle puppy face. That’s a Universally understood gesture for immediate food dispensing!! I got a cold green bean. That ain’t food! That’s a green slap in the muzzle! I know he understood I looked deep in his eyes and saw the underlying Sketchy. I have taken steps! I heard the Blonde Two Legs tell to do the wash so I’m kinda helping him. I’ve just put his left shoe, the repository of Sketchy, in the appropriate washing station. I better get some chicken, or ham, or sausage, or steak, or something tongue pleasing and belly massaging. As I said I bet I won’t get one share from the Bald one. At least until he’s found and dried out his shoe. Maddie

Bolt participates.

A HUGE SUCCESS! $4,500 will be donated in memory of Allison Thomson Vicuna to NOOC. WOWZA what a spectacular agility community - FAMILY - we have! Thanks to Pamela O'Day & TMAC, Noreen Bennett Pawprint Trials, Chris Frado Jay Doster and Committee Deborah Potvin Roberts Erika Kiss Kathy Lesinski Laurie Grace and all of the volunteers - all of the Peeps who attended Friday 27 September’s Agility Match to honor Allison and raise money for ovarian cancer.

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