The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 4, November 2021

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Baby Guy Noir

Jo Lunetta made a lovely contributon to our fundraiser. Photo above is from the late 80s, of Don and Jo and Jimmy and Cricket.


Katie Campbell
Thank you so much, Susan, for printing the brag about Chief. That was so sweet to see again.

Exceptional artwork this issue! So much fun to look at!

Natalie Culver
I just looked at the May Wrinkler. Love it all!! Sorry takes me so long to get to reading it... really love the pic of my guys with grandma Carolyn & the training page bit about Kunjo. And seeing the Stuff page reminds me I need to get on ordering Jasper a new collar as the 1st one I bought him (just off Etsy from someone I found) that martengale is wearing out. I want to order an Ember Sky designs martingale (which is what I had for Obike and currently have for Ivy) & I really like. The Ember Sky martingales are much better quality / longer life.

Kim McNeill
Spy-C is such a funny little dog. I'd almost forgotten I subjected her to that.

Tamara Allen
Love it - thank you. I giggled on page 10 - just planted Nasturiums. You read my mind across the diagonal. They are very beautiful!
And entirely edible; flower, stem, leaves. Also planted California poppies, but up in the raised planter, out of reach of exploring little b-mouths

Andrea Stone
Darn, I didn't get photos of Turkey and Phaser "helping" me with the mulch. And by helping, I mean the digging, rolling and eating.

Yvonne 't Mannetje
Looks great, as always, thanks!

Annechien Smith
Lovely again

Chris O'Rear
Great information and art work! Thank you for including photos of Mellie and Swagger ?

Dennis Allen
It is really good as always.

Uschi Grewe
LOVED it, as always. Great issue again!

Brenda Phillips
Thank you Susan, Nike says he thinks we should practice several times a day for the next contest!!

Susan Kamen Marsicano
Liner agrees.

Brenda Phillips
Clever lads!

Kipawa Harder
As always, a wonderful edition. Thank you to everyone involved with The Wrinkler.

Jackie Dering
I so love {the cover} this picture. Who are the models?

Susan Kamen Marsicano
It's "Trill and the Pisanos."
The Pisanos are Sandy's Pi puppies. The two puppies here are Fern and Scarlet. Trill - DC Apu Must Be the Money JC.

MORE MADDIE CHRONICLES. Maddie is 8! Happy Bert Day!

The Maddie Chronicles:

The Maddie Chronicles:
Oh My Dog! Who authorized my Piddles to become Dribbles!?! I require fully functional minions so that I am prepared for full disciplinary shoeing response. The Piddles have shown a right shoe preference and while less sketchy it does produce a satisfactory grumbling from the Bald Two Legged Peon. In fact, the Piddles performed a peon homonym upon the Village Idiot while he resided under the fuzzy blanket. Now I’m not sure “this baptismal” was due to sexy time, but it sure caused the Bald Dude to rapidly arise. In fact, I believe I heard a lot of new words too, most with four letters. Here’s my problem, the Piddles, as Dribbles, have developed a Piddletude. Instead of listening for my precise BARKCON coordination instructions, they are now Behaving Irritably Together Creating Havoc And Yapping. They are straight up BITCHY! They are not pleased with this newly developed junk in their trunks and are more focused on cleaning themselves than executing my minion directives. In fact, they have even given me muzzle when I inspected their tail feathers. I verified they were not ready for Prime Time, but they did not appreciate my nosework. They are spending an inordinate amount time demanding belly rubs from the Bald Boob instead of monitoring for incursions of Sketchyness. In fact, the latest Stranger Danger Bing Bong Alert failed to produce the proper mad dash to the door. It was more of a sauntering waddle. The security of the Madlands is in jeopardy and it’s a good bet that Bald Two Legs is responsible. I am currently investigating hiding locations for left shoe discipline. I’ve noticed a growing amount of leaves in the back yard, so my premium outside cache options have increased. These provide increased grumbles especially when the Bald perpetrator of Maddie violations tactilely discovers one of my bowel “deposits” while securing his footwear. Maddie Out!

Lisa Stewart
Favorites · O1ctoSbp2er 1 at1 0f4mh6:nt330 PoM0d ·
Black dog belly steak offering

The Maddie Chronicles:
There is a disturbance in the Madlands! A change has occurred and it involves the Blonde Two Legs. All week the Blonde had been getting up at Oh Dark Paw Thirty. She saunters out to release the piddles and grab her frothy hot drink. I observe from beneath the sheets in the Big Grrrl bed as no Black Grrrl treats are forthcoming. I have to wait for Mr. Sketchy to arise and prepare my warm eggie offering. I especially like when he mixes bacon and cheese into my offering. Anyway, the Blonde didn’t get up until there was sunshine. That means I had an increase in warm buns and belly buffing. Then instead of disappearing for the day she only disappeared for a short while and she came back smelling of stinky mop water. There were also attempts at invasions by strangers who rang the BARKCON bell but I was on point. I gave voice to my full throated Woof Repellent. The Two Legs are entirely too complacent about these breaches. I suspect they encourage them and their demands of “Be Quiet” and “Shut It” only result in a “Talk to the paw cause the ears ain’t listening” moment. It’s like they forget who they are dealing with. I am the Shadow! I see all and if wronged will tell all. I’ll also discipline the deuce out of any left shoe left unattended. I may even leave a deuce in said totem of Sketchyness. But I digress. The Blonde is lingering. She is acting like it’s the Two Past Paw time of the week. I’m observing because a breach of the Maddie Accords is imminent. When it occurs I shall provide swift and telling left shoe discipline. I think I’m safe as its National Black Dog day and even the Bald Boob would risk a Bald Intervention Through Canine Highly Successful Leftshoe Aggressive Punishment (BITCHSLAP) today. Maddie Out!

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Mila & Kevin - see more water dogs, Page 9

Basenji Feet! Connected middle toes!

Brigitte Kürsten
After our big hike - putting our paws up, nice evening everyone?
These little paws ran on km 7 years of racing and countless km on the road day after day and is still soooo fit? - my baby boy "DON".