The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XV, Issue 4, November 2011

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Angela Galardi photos (Woodstock, NY)

Chelsea James (Windham, NY)

The below photos were taken just about 2 miles down the road; Catskill Mountain Country Store and also across the street you can see GNH Lumber....



Sept. 1 -The volunteer cleanup got ALL the subfloor ripped up from downstairs, and they helped us do a lot of moving of stuff around and clear out garbage. SO thankful for their help, we could have never done it all ourselves. Many of them (there were at least 8 - 4 men and 4 women) were not from the town of Windham, but traveled to Windham just to help out.

I ran some more supplies into Windham that were dropped off this afternoon. The Community Clothing center is amazing, an enormous amount of generous donations, quadrupled in inventory I think since yesterday. WOW!

Karen Christensen (Phillipsburg, NJ)

I "sandbagged" the dog room exterior wall, because the flagstone patio tends to flood. Water builds up against the dog room door and comes in when I open it! I used bags of cedar mulch, because I figured I could reuse them to delineate the flower beds come spring. I used a 12' x 16' tarp to encase the mulch bags, laying the center of it at the joint of the wall to the patio. After I stacked the 10 bags against the house wall I wrapped the tarp over them. It worked great to keep the water away from the house wall with all the rain we got.

The dogs took the presence of a 3-bag-high tarp-covered wall blocking their door all in stride -- and I mean big stride, leaps in fact. It was just a game for them for the couple of weeks after the storm (and thankfully not before Lee left its mark) before I finally moved the bags (mostly dry, yeah!) and the tarp. Laser would clamber up and play King of the Hill, and the others would hurdle it happily - Laser showed me he could, but it nearly gave me a heart attack when he sprawled on landing - to go in and out the door. And then they were just as happy when it went away. Now they're wondering when I'll rearrange all their chairs in the dog room and turn on the heater!

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