The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXV, Issue 4, August 2021

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In Memoriam


Apu Tri Roo of Ganesa RN MC THD CGC TKI FCh ORC JOR GRC PD Cadet Scout ATD VB
(January 2006 ~ July 2021)

With grandma Moot.

This is exceptionally hard. The only time he ever brought me pain.

Ode to Trog

How do you say Goodbye to your heart?
The day has arrived that Trog and I must part.
For over 15 years he frisked and ran
The greatest Senji known to this man
Trogodor, or Troggie, but usually just Trog
The Will Rogers of Senjis a Prince amongst dogs.
A Tricolor being composed of joy and love
He was obviously an Angel sent by the Great one above.
When He snuggled and your worries simply melted away
His come hither look always said Let’s go play.
He was one of Cherry’s Pits and filled with such grace.
That The Universe seemed to sparkle regardless of the space.
Please don’t cry family, I clearly hear him say.
But my Rainbow family need me. I’m off to play.
With Annie and Scotti and Xander the Man.
Chasing Rainbow bunnies is now our big plan.
I’ve spread joy and loving to my very, very best
But I’m sorry the time has arrived that I really must rest.
Your crotch puppy loves you so don’t be too sad
I know that you gave me all the love that you had.
Remember that while we physically must part
The biggest part of me will always reside in your heart. Joe Stewart

Dawn Curran photo

Trog running with Occhi.

Mary Bloom

The NYTimes Obituary.

From her family

Phoebe Jordan-Booth·
My heart is heavy tonight. We have lost a consummate professional, and a kind and compassionate friend.
At a time when some photographers seek self aggrandizement, and try to be the focus of our sport
instead of the journalists,
Mary Bloom worked for decades behind the scenes recording our world with a unparalleled talent and an artists' eye. She was always in the right place, and captured meaningful moments and the essence of our sport and the human-canine bond.
My deepest sympathy to her family, especially to her nephew Tom McLoughlin.
I am so sad for you Tom. Your Aunt Mary was truly a treasure.

Pictured is MaryBloom's portrait of one of my dearest Whippets,
"Blueberry" Ch. Shamasan Queen For A Day, FCh.
Give her a hug for me Mary when you reach that place where dogs and their people are reunited.
I will treasure this photo forever, and I think of Mary every time I look at it.

Mary photogrpahed the first ever titling Rally trials, 1st & 2nd January 2005, in CT. This is a favorite of mine.
Ms M getting the first basenji Rally title.

Mary's capture of M in 2008.

Allan Reznik with Mary Bloom and her Cardigan “Pie”
at the Afghan Hound Club of America National Specialty in Rhode Island, 2016. Photo by Joanne Anderson.

Leaf pays homage to Mary, posing in front of the last print she sent me.

©Bruno Boutto -"They are always here. We see them".

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