The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIII, Issue 2, May 2019

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with photos by George Woodard.

Hello Family and Friends,
George Woodard passed away at our Hau’ula home last Thursday (25 April). He was 62. Our three resident Basenjis--Chloe, Lani, and Lili--were there to keep him company. I was in Shoreline taking care of my mom and found out Friday evening. I flew back to O’ahu on Saturday. My brother Mark Bender is here with me.

I am in shock as I am sure many of you are. George’s passing was unexpected. No symptoms. We were talking and texting the evening before. The medical examiner believes he died of natural causes.
George will be cremated here. He loved his Hawai’i life so much.

George and I met 45 years ago and celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary last November. Many of you know that George was insanely brilliant and creative, often nearly impossible to live with, highly entertaining, and intensely dedicated to me and our dogs. I am not sure how to function as one instead of two.

I don’t know my plans. I will probably be in Hau’ula for a while until I figure things out. With aloha, Marcia

Two Shadows.

Some friends' words:

Tamara Allen - So sorry to read this. If there ever was a person who embodied the basenji spirit, it was George. As quick, smart and mischievous as they come, but kind and thoughtful to boot.

Katie Campbell -

Seeing this photo again today on May 1st, I am thinking that this is the last photo that GW posted before his passing. The symbolism here is taking me like a wave.... RIP dear GW. You were well-loved, much appreciated, inspiring, genius, funny and treasured.

Brenda Phillips -

Thinking today of my friend George Woodard, who thought to capture me being silly at the 2013 Basenji National specialty. He was really tickled with this series even if I was a little embarrassed.
I will miss him very much.

Favorite photo of Lucy.

Andrea Stone -

My favorite dogshow photo of all time.

Karla Schreiber -

My friend, George Woodard, has unexpectedly left this earthly realm. Thank you, George, for all the memories.... literally. So many wonderful images from our Nationals over the years. You had a Basenji's spirit in you - friendly, silly, witty, wicked smart, quiet, noisy, aloof, joyous. I will miss you, my friend - oh so very much. Here's just one of the amazing memories George created with his camera for me over several decades. My hat is off. My head is bowed.

GW - Lili's getting her fiber.