The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXII, Issue 1, February 2018

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In Memoriam

©1996, Susan Kamen, "Hip Hop Angel"


Apu Little Lou Beanie ~ 28 March 2003 - 24 November 2017

Today I did one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do in my life, not counting the witnessing of my husband's sudden violent passing on 1/3/16. I stood at my girls Lima Lou Beanie & Nellie Bellie Smellie Deli's side as our vet assisted them in their trip across the Rainbow Bridge. They went so very quickly & peacefully.

Lima was my joy for the past 14 years & 8 months. I had her since the age of 8 weeks, she was the most precious canine in my life, with a spirit that could not be broken even at the end when her body was.

Nellie was rescued from a horrible existence which I won't go into, but those of you who know me well, most certainly know her story. As she slipped away I recalled the day she was dropped off at my house, she fit right in as if she had been there for all her 10 years. The last 4 years of her life were filled with canine & feline brothers & sisters, warm beds, the best of gourmet doggie food, cozy nights by the fire and hugs/kisses galore.

As the song goes; "sometimes your heart breaks with a deafening sound". is all too true for me at this moment.

You know, I ask God everyday to allow me to outlive my animals so I can be sure that they are well taken care all the days of their lives, but I fall apart when my prayers are answered.
Still I am grateful to have had my time with all my fur babies in this lifetime and to have had their love & devotion.

Until we meet again my loves....... Joanne Callahan

{ED. Thank you Joanne for the great love affair you had with Lima Lou Beanie.
She was the daughter of my heart girl, M, & Sue’s heart dog, Cubby, and born on birthday Sue & I share.}


Nov 21st - My wonderful Stella. My heart dog. She left 3:40 this morning, and passed in my arms.

I told her I would be there to the very end, and I was lucky enough to fulfill that promise.

She was a happy, sweet soul, a tiny being with a gentle presence.

I used to call her "my precious angel sent from above" because she had this surreal goodness about her.
Stella left this earth knowing how loved she was. I will miss you "my stubby chicken."

Your spirit will stay with me as long as I live. Lisa Osenni


CH Arendahls Summerfest

Flora was born on September 30, 2001 - she was one of an all girl litter of three.
We named her Arendahls Summerfest after Milwaukee's world famous music festival.
My daughter always decided our dogs' call names and this little red girl she named "Flora"
after a character in a TV show at the time.

I had a lot of fun showing her in the breed ring.

She finished at a big summer show the day after a specialty.
As the judge was going down the line in the big open red bitch class, two sparrows fluttered across the ground
in the ring. Flora was completely crazy about birds - so I ended up stacking her backwards
so she could see the two birds who were still cavorting around on the ground.
It was the only way I could do anything with her at that point.
The judge forgave her antics and gave us the class, then winners,
and then I think Best Of Winners for a 5-point major to finish her championship.

She was very smart, but not at all interested in expanding her social circle beyond her housemates. She did training in agility and nosework, but she did not compete. Her favorite sport was solitary hiking with me and we did a lot of that in both rural and urban locations. If AKC had offered the trick dog titling in Flora's earlier years she would have earned a title for sure. She could sit pretty, catch a treat, and she could sit and balance on one of those big balance balls, which she did at a bcosw puppy/run match in the Trick class.

She was such an easy dog to live with and a big yodeler up until she lost her hearing in her later years. I would scoop her up and tell her "give me a hug" and she would rest her cheek against mine. I miss her so much.  Lisa Marshall

Little & Sweetness

Grievously missed. Forever in their favorite spot.

My life's only cats. Loved them so much. Susan K-M

Sweetness as I first saw him in 1999. Then he gifted me dead mice. Little is probably his
daughter. She first appeared here around 2008, or so. TNR.


FC Sunbird Sudnly Follow the Lady SC Dec 21, 2002 -Dec 9, 2017

Today my sweet TC crossed over the rainbow bridge.

She went peacefully. I think she just missed Bella too much. Now they can run together. Deb Voss

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