The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIII, Issue 1, February 2019

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In Memoriam

St. Jim, by Zulu.


DC Apu Get the Helloutta Dodge CA SC FCh GRC ORC JOR CGC VB
5 July 2005 ~ 7 January 2019

Obike - means from a strong family. He is missed. His registarted name is a nod to my hometown out west -
DC Apu Get The Helloutta Dodge CA SC FCh GRC ORC JOR CGC VB.

I had in my head all last week before he was gone, "his get up and go, done came up and went". Sigh.
We did a lot of activities together, but Obike's favorite always was snuggling with & playing with his family.
We had thirteen and a half great years.
RIP dear bee-kee boy, be a good dog... till we see you again... Natalie Culver

He was a good little courser, a demon (in a good way) on the oval track, he liked LGRA,
loved his rally-o training time and was starting at agility. Add to that he was a handsome lad
(even if he didn't love dog shows, he put up with my goal of learning to manage my nerves so I could get around a show ring without throwing him off too much). He was BOB at GONE's ASFA region 9 regional at Kinney Farm.

Obike earned 2 of 3 rally-novice Q's, and we were planning more rally, plus he was just starting novice AKC agility (I even think we got some qualifying runs in CPE) right before Harry's & my tragic loss of James. Had things been right with the world - had James lived and pregnancy been normal for me - I would have kept training and running agility right through pregnancy and beyond; but things were not normal, and we were terrified and I was on bedrest, and I decided I'd enjoy the memories of dog events with Obike and not worry what we didn't get to. We did a lot after all.

Late 2018, with Nicholas

1st point with Annie Rogers Clark.


Francesca- GCH Antefa's Venice
2 June 2011 ~ 17 November /2018

My heart is shattered, Saturday we had to we had to help Francesca go to Rainbow Bridge.
She was fighting a very rare Thymus cancer that had spread.
Though her treatment had a 80% cure rate it was not to be for Franny and we couldn't let her suffer:

I will never forget going to Sweden to get her and my time spent with Annica and Monica.
For whom I will forever be grateful to for allowing us Francesca and the wonderful life we had with her!
She earned her Championship before she was a year old Grand Championship at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show​ earning Select, multiple Group placements and titles in Rally and Obedience.
She was a amazing mother to 8 beautiful loving puppies!!! She always had a smile and a true sweetheart.

Francesca taking BOB under Sighthound Judge Jan Swayze-Curry.

My favorite photo, I captured Rick after hearing he and Francesca earned 1st place!!!! in Rally Novice.

Thank you Dominic Palleschi Carota for your thoughts that though she was not here long, maybe her purpose was to bring 8 loving beautiful puppies to this world and all are in their perfect home.

Though it is unbearable to think I don't have my heart dog with me,
I do know she will be waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge
and then our time together will be forever!! Debby (and Rick) King


On 4 January 2019 we said good-bye to our one-of-a-kind black whippet Lacey.
(MBIF FC NAC Domino Brazil Bardot, SC RN FCh CRX2 OA NAC AXJ).

She was born during the American Whippet Club National the year it was in Boston (2006) on a chilly day when I was coursing Bridget and Casino (April 22nd). Spinal lymphoma claimed her life on January 4, 2019. She competed in lure coursing, rally, racing and agility. She was an incredible lure coursing dog and won multiple best-in-fields. She taught me more about dog behavior than any canid I have lived with and sparked my interest in the discipline. I made lots of mistakes in raising and training her, and I regret that she never reached her full potential in agility but that is often how it goes with our first real competition dog. She is the reason I got hooked on the sport.

Lacey's breeder Donna Miner entrusted Bruce and I with her care and gave us space to learn from mistakes while still being supportive in every aspect of the dog sports that we pursued together.
I am grateful to Louise Simmons Hinckley for helping us on our agility journey and Scott Hinckley for being Lacey's biggest fan. The support of our friend and Lacey's neurologist Allen Sisson, anesthesiologist Stephanie Krein, criticalist Virginia Sinnott-Stutzman, internists Zach Crouse and Julia Lindholm and the amazing technicians at Angell Animal Medical Center made the shock of her diagnosis bearable and her passing peaceful.
And special thanks to Northboro Canine Rehabilitation and Fitness Center staff
for keeping Lacey comfortable for as long as possible.

Her absence is palpable. She was a big and vocal presence in our home. RIP Lacey Lou Hooter (please don't get kicked out of heaven for rowdy behavior before I get there to see you again). Patty Ewing

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