The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXV, Issue 3, August 2021

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In Memoriam

by Ashley.


FC Apu Pi de Deux FCh SGRC5 SORC4 CA
11 January 2008 ~ 17 June 2021, or way too soon.

On Wednesday, her last ReallyGoodersDay, Tutu had rabbit stew for breakfast, found 3 nosework hides,
cruised the neighborhood in her stroller, and lounged in the sun dreaming of days gone by.

Thursday she was simply done. Ever the Closer on the racetrack, she played her final move,
taking her last breath in the sunny outdoor waiting area at the vet’s just moments before she was due inside. Sneaky girl.
Karen Christensen #fuckcancer

Ode to TuTu

Oh Karen dear I have a plan
To visit the members of our Rainbow Clan
I’m very sorry that it’s my time to go
You’re my Mommy Dear and I love you so.
We’ve had such fun, I loved to race.
I’d show those other Senjis their proper place.
Down the racetrack with flair I would speed
Closing on that finish line. I had a need.
We would play a game where I got to sniff
Around the yard for that special whiff.
My heart was yours from the day we met
As yours was mine everyday after, I’ll bet
The Goodbye is hard, and tears will be shed
But Mommy Dearest please don’t hang your head
For I’m still with you, just up above
Looking down with eternal love. Joe Stewart


DC Meisterhaus Deal or No Deal MC RN LCX2 GRC SOR ORC PD Td Cadet Scout LCM2 VFCH VB.
7 December 2007 ~ 16 May 2021

The Universe has gained another star.
Xander joined his Rainbow Bridge Packmates Annie and Scotti to plague evil squirrels and chase bunnies.

Ode to Xander

Oh Xanman, my biggie, my heart, my love.
The day has come to cross the bridge above
A fat puppy you were when first we did meet
A chestnut brindle with the world to greet
Biscuits and gravy you would greedily chew,
And for Mommy her coffee you learned to brew
Your stride was powerful, your gaze divine
I couldn’t believe you really were mine.
You conquered the ring with your curled tail bun
But it was chasing the bunnies that brought you such fun.
We would travel the country, in our RV you’d ride
And sometimes while taking photos you’d stand at my side.
When days were upsetting and everything felt unreal
Your presence was a comfort Mr Deal or No Deal.
Our life journey together must change today
Your powerful body has gone away.
Don’t worry my buddy you’ll stay in my heart.
No Rainbow Bridge passage can make our memories depart
I thank you sincerely for each moment you decided to give
To a Bald headed guy in whose soul you now live.
But the biggest thing we will most greatly miss.
Is the loving way you would bestow your Senji kiss. Joe and Lisa Stewart


12/31/2006 - 6/4/2021

My lovely Tank! transitioned from making memories to being a memory 04 June 2021.

This little dog changed my life for the better and if you have met me in the last 14+ years on the coursing field or racing,
in an obedience class, a conformation show, an agility trial - any dog sport,
rescue effort, or Therapy dog interaction for that matter, then he changed your life, too.

I'm terribly heartbroken, but he made my life 10,000 times better and for that,
I am eternally grateful to my Little Handsome Man.
I don't believe in the rainbow bridge, it's a nice thought, but I find more comfort knowing the joy and smiles
he gave to anyone he met on his mortal journey.

RIP. Tank!, aka Tanky-poo, Tank-a-tron 2000, Tanksta da Gangsta, ThinkTank!, Tankinator,
Tank!s a Lot!, Little Handsome Man. Wendy Hodges


Int'l CH Saorsa Zepar of Jamadari SC
Nov 27, 2004 - July 15, 2021

"It's with great sadness that I share the passing of Zepar. I send you on your final voyage with much love." Andrea Stone

Sisters - now one has left.

Tutu, the pink, with her sister Scarlet, the red, 2015. Scarlet is still here.

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