The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXII, Issue 2, May 2018

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In Memoriam 2

Colin Waterous passed on Saturday March 24th. We all know that Midge was waiting for him at the Bridge.


Emmy - March 1st.
Emmy, Apu's Premier Edition CGC. 1/10/07 - 2/28/18. We will miss you. You will always be in our hearts and we will always hear your happy baroos!!!

Our hearts are broken today. Our beautiful, happy, sweet little Emmy suddenly passed away last night.
She was an angel on Earth. She is now an angel with God.
Thinking she must have missed her mama Sky who crossed before her just 5 short weeks ago.
She, Sky and Cubby are the 3 amigos again! So incredibly sad to see her go.

I find myself hugging Hanna and Kojak so much from early wee hours till now they think I'm nuts, but don't mind.
If you ever hear a happy bahrooooo!!! It is powered by Emmy. She was always so very happy. First pup born into my hand. I know Cubby and Sky are happy to have her with them and I will see them all in the clouds soon as they ride with me in my travels. Sue and Bob Schulz

Sky, Emmy and baby Kojak.

Emmy with her mom, Sky, here on earth, now in heaven.


Kato - March 9 at 10:41am ยท
I am at the Saugerties Animal Hospital holding onto my precious Basenji Kato the Angry Gay Black Dog, preparing for his trip across the Rainbow Bridge. Tough as nails, the sedative is taking way to long to kick in, and my ?? is breaking as I say goodbye to my faithful friend and companion of 16 years.

Veggie Eating - but it's a strawberry!

Death is part of life, and my only comfort is knowing that he had one hell of a life!!!!
Run across the Bridge my sweet and bite Eddie in the ass for me! I'll see you in my dreams and memories.
When the time comes I will join you and all the rest of our canine and feline clan along with my Eddie. RIP my love.

Joanne Callahan


Keeva passed suddenly and unexpectedly in March. Bump is devastted, as
are his folks, Jan & Ruby.


"Bare Cove Seraph 09/26/15-02/20/18

Seraph jumped my fence on Friday afternoon. I believe she may have been frightened by a work man in the house. Seraph went on a 5 day misadventure which included being hit by a car, sprayed by a skunk and finally, hit by a train. Her spine was severely damaged, she was paralyzed from her thoracic region back. A policeman found her by the railroad tracks.

Coincidentally, she was found a few hundred yards from her own vet.
When the policeman brought her in, the vets and technicians went right to work stabilizing her and getting x-rays.
They recommended that she be taken to Tufts due to the severity of the injuries. Despite the injuries, Seraph was not in shock. The vet treated her for pain and with the back injury, she had no pain from the waist on back. When I entered the room, her ears perked at my voice, and her eyes followed me. At Tufts, the neurologist gave her a 0.5% chance of walking again and the back injury was so high on the back, other function would be effect. I made the choice to allow Seraph to have peace. Seraph was comforted by my presence. When I would speak to her and tell her she was safe, she would relax and close her eyes. When I walked away, she watched me. I know, she knew, she was safe and was home.

Seraph passed away surrounded by love, not scared and alone. I try to find peace in this.

Every dog comes into our lives and teaches us lessons.

I believe Seraph's lesson for me was to accept each dog for itself, not to put expectations on a dog because of previous dogs. Loving Seraph was the easiest thing to do. She was the sweetest little being.
Training her was difficult for me. I could see she had drive and desire but needed me not to push too fast.
Seraph was very soft, something I hadn't experienced in my previous agility dogs.

I was learning to work with that, and she was blossoming as I allowed her to have the time to fully understand each piece of the game. To me, while I certainly want a dog that can be an agility partner, the friend and companionship is what is most important to me. Seraph and I LOVED each other. She was always at my feet , on my lap or by me. Seraph's mission, her journey has ended. It ended way too soon and i wish I could turn back time so she never had those nightmare days. Seraph was a sweetheart, my princess. She did not deserve and was not equipped to deal with the experiences she endured. I will mourn her, miss her, and try to come to peace with her loss.
My family and friends and even strangers came forward and shared their love and concern.
That support has helped me endure this nightmare.

I will try later to express what can't be expressed, the thanks and love I have
for all the people who came out to help and shared their support from near and far."
Margaret Howes

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