The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XIII, Issue 3, August 2010

Pages 8 - 10

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Match Report

by Mlle Niner, Comradness Reporterdog reporting from the Rainbow Bridge.

Here on earth, we have apprentice Reporterdog, Fern.  

The weather in Glenville on July 11th, was, well, H O T!

Tutu is the Costume Class WINNER!

CLICK HERE to see 107 PHOTOS from the Match

Our Thank Yous to:

CLASS for allowing us to hook on to their NOTRA meet. 

Our judge, Sharon Buehler, who was immediately like one of the family.

Photography by Natalie Culver & Michael Primeau, S K-M.

Here Amelia had a hold on the orange fur. We have no idea how she sucked it in through the box muzzle. Took Rich blowing on her face to get her to let go. Cute!



Scarlet won the NOTRA Meet. Tutu 2nd, Fern 3rd, with 12 Basenjis racing.

Moot taking the kidz to the box

Bill’s Whiskey Bred Pudding – "Best in Show" said the judge.

Musical Sits: 1st Guy Noir, 2nd Place – Obike, 3rd Place – Lulu, 4th Place - Pandora

Musical Downs, 1st M, 2nd Place – Laser, 3rd Place – Kunjo, 4th Place - Cairo

Lulu was Best Yodeler, hands down!!!!

Scarlet won for Curliest Tail – 2nd Place – Tutu, 3rd Place – Pandora, 4th Place - Cairo

Obike won Most Wrinkles

– 2nd Place – Fern, 3rd Place – Scarlet, 4th Place - Ian, NBQ - Cairo

Costume Class, 1st Tutu dancing in her Tutu ,  2nd Place tie – Ian as Allen Iverson & Scarlet as Joe Montana,  3rd Place tie – Obike as Natalie’s HS Mascot Devil, Kunjo as a Jay Hawk, & Fern as Niner.

Ian as Allen Iverson (the Answer)

Bambi Memorial Veggie Eating winner was Pandora, Runner-up, M. Watermelon was the tie breaker.

Pandora eating the watermelon tie-breaker

Out of the Box

Sharon Buehler opening her judge's present

Sharon's Ziva has smooches for Michael.

Amy Sereday pulled Barbara Narehood's winning ticket for the Rip Van Wrinkle BC's 2010 fundraiser for the BHE. Our club raised $450 for the BHE this year.

“WOW!      A basket of puppies!     We never expected that!  I saved the picture just because I thought it was cute. Having won in the past, I entered because the raffle proceeds went to a good cause!  ‘Foot Warmers’ is framed and hanging over the breakfast nook doorway!"

Thank you! Barbara

Our Title Holders:

   DC. Apu Must Be the Money SC (Trill)

   Ch. Apu Little Red Lentil RE AX MXJ OAP NJP NPF NF GRC CGC TDIA MVB (M)


   FC Apu Sand Thru the Hourglass RA SC GRC CGC TDIA VBX (Sandy)

   Apu Louise Brooks, Queen of the World (Lulu)

   FC Apu the Answer SC FCh LCX SGRC4 ORC SOR (Ian)

   FC Apu Sir Laserlot MC GRC JOR (Laser)

   FC Apu Bella Di Cerignola SC GRC JOR (Cherry)

FC Apu Afternoon of a Fawn RA SC NAJ FCh GRC CGC TDIA VBX (Amelia)

   Apu Guy Noir RA SGRC ORC SOR CGC TDIA MVB (Guy Noir)

   FC Apu Get the Helloutta Dodge SC FCh GRC ORC JOR CGC (Obike)

 Apu Jay Dreamin' Breeze RN NAJ SC SGRC2 ORC JOR CGC VB (Kunjo)

   FC Apu PiNache RN SC FCh SGRC ORC JOR CGC TDIA VB (Scarlet)

   FC Apu Pi De Deux SC SGRC ORC (Tutu)

   Ch. Apu Painted Sand RN SC FCh GRC JOR CGC TDIA VBX (Fern)

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