The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXI, Issue 4, November 2017

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Wrinklers at BCOA Nationals


just other ribbons . . . & amazing photos !

Racing Wrinklers, Turkish & Zippie!

Zuri Mount at the BCOA Nationals!

Brenda Phillips, "Go ahead, pinch me! This afternoon in straight racing Zippie was the high scoring female and finished 3rd out of 20 for another *5* point win!! She's certainly living up to her name, and having fun despite the pressures of this kind of competition. We'll both be asleep before the sun sets on this great day! #bcoa2017"

- Zippie did the same in LGRA in the morning.

Uschi Grewe's AJ & his dear friend Diego, running so close to one aother that there is no air between them.

Dara Johnson's Zydeco won BOB at the ASFA Region 9 Invitational!

Carol Mount's KenKen got his first ever AKC Q - in Novice FAST. 61 points.

Wendy Hodges' China Blue back from hip surgery!

Glitter shoes - S K-M

Beloved M.

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