The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXV, Issue 4, November 2021


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Ashley Lorin

The saga of the overly well-behaved (but not very subtle) boy continues. Sleeping on the tray with Chipotle.

Brenda Phillips

Every Basenji owner knows, the bed-making struggle is real

Karla Schreiber

"Oh my COD!" This is what you holler when your 15.5 year old Basenji swipes a raw piece of Costco's finest boneless cod off of a plate on your counter and scarfs it right down.

KITA! My recipe calls for FOUR cod fillets. Now it's going to have to be 3 cod fillets and a rogue piece of mahi mahi.

To all the new owners of Basenjis out there who ask " when will my dog settle down?" My answer is - NEVER!
As long as they are ambulatory, have most of their mental facilities, and can draw breath? Never. Never turn your back.

And for cod's sake keep your $$ fish out of harm's way!!

Emmanuelle Occansey
Reminds me of the sad story of a Christmas Eve dinner and the foie gras that was almost served to the guests.

Karla Schreiber
... my ex made a beautiful salmon mousse for a New Year's Eve party we had many years ago - and my first Basenji snuck into the living room and ate 1/4 of it! It was one of those lovely mousse recipes made in a mold that looked like a fish. We put the whole thing into the food processor and served it as a "dip" with crackers! Lol!!

Andie Paysinger
I'm so lucky that Aston is not much of a food thief. I had some in the past who were unrepentant and very, very clever. My first Basenji was just a puppy when one of my Great Danes not only stole stuff out of the bottom freezer in our Admiral fridge that UNWISELY had a step-on latch to tilt it open and Khan discovered the delights to be found in there and he didn't care if they were frozen solid.

I found him and Sin, age 4 1/2 months, sharing a frozen leg of lamb on the patio while it was raining hard just beyond. My GD girl was then in season and locked up in a pen, otherwise I'm sure she would have been there also.

Subsequently I had half a dozen Basenjis that were very adept at stealing food, although Teafer was by far the smartest and found many more ways to satisfy her urges.

Jackie Dering
A couple of years ago I saw Luke quickly exiting the kitchen and discovered I was one lamb chop short. I imagine he quite enjoyed it.

Cindy Griswold

I think my Roombas being not Roombas are defective. They work by trying to trip me so I spill the goods, then repeat and repeat. ROOMBA DOG - A FOREVER HOME ANIMAL RESCUE.

Debby Mayer

—Sizzle, you have disappeared my slipper so thoroughly, I'm going to have to vacuum.

Jackie Dering

Luke walk story - Well, it was wet out this morning so Luke did his business quickly then sat down and didn’t want to continue. Ed tried talking to him to come along, took a few steps. Luke, not to be dissuaded took hold of the leg of Ed’s jeans and gave him his best eye contact. He’s such a sweetheart. Harley the walking bot and I continued so Luke decided he’d come along after all.

Oh, Harley.I toss her a treat. She catches it. Spits it out. Smells it. Picks it up and carries it to her secret (under the dining room table) treat eating place. She cracks me up.

Karen Christensen

How many photos have I taken with this view? Hundreds, I think. And today as I contemplate this view I wonder to myself why the Basenji fur doesn’t feel like the fuzzy side of Velcro – it should, given how much of their time they spend attached to me! No argument that I am more like the bristly side!

Tamara Allen

Someone is playing hide and go seek. I came out for lunch and found she burrowed behind the pillow and would just quietly peek out at me

Susan K-M
Might she snack on the corners?

Tamara Allen
Nope - she is such a good girl, never even thinks to round a corner.
The anti-Andiamo dog

Natalie Culver
I have lots of chewed corner pillows from Obike I think. And I don’t even let Jasper and Ivy lounge near throw pillows (although on the rare brief occasion they are on the couch they’ve chewed some). And also chewed parts of ears and tails and things off of Childrens stuffed animals when a kids stuffed animal accidentally gets left within dog reach.

Tamara Allen
Natalie- neither Stella or Tippy are destructive - Tippy has stuffies that are intact and are 8 years old. Her favorite duck is threadbare (fur-bare?) from her licking it. Next up on her fav list is her froggie. None deconstructed. With Batsy I would sew parts of one stuffie on another and make franken-animals for him to play with.

Natalie - when Klaus the German nuclear plasma physicist stayed with us several years ago we told him, keep your door shut, don't trust Andiamo. She ate one of his theory papers. He just sighed and said, "well you did tell me...." and I was like "yeah I thought it would be easier to train a guy with two Phd's but I guess that was an error on my part..."


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