XXVI, Issue 1, February 2022

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Tamara Allen

Dog trajectory math. Stella decides to just wait for her to knock the cookie off of the counter

Natalie Culver

A bit earlier this evening just at dusk, I wanted to get a pic of the dogs running but… they ran back near the garden shed & they stayed there & stayed there sniffing around & circling the shed & poking at/under the low ramp that’s at the door to it .

I was calling to them as I wanted to get a pic of them running towards me in the snow before it got to dark. And… they acted like they were def & couldn’t possibly hear me!

Lol I’m thinking must be sump’in warm & furry & possibly tasty (to the dogs) has taken up residence under my garden shed because it was cold & windy & snow up to their belly’s & I’m pretty sure they would not stand around in that ignoring me trying to get them to come in unless it was sump’n really plump & furry. Lol

Ivy finally came towards house & smelled other good things on the cold air (looking pretty sniffing). Jasper was still being a def idiot lol unable to hear me dog lol

Carol Mount

Still remains the funniest ad I have ever seen.


Debby Mayer & Sizzle

—Sizzle, don't eat that—
—Chomp chomp chomp
—Whatever it is, don't eat it—
—Crunch, crunch, crunch

—Sizzle, my horoscope says I will "prevail."
—I knew that.
—Thank you, dear.

Uschi Grewe

Darlings....Imani, Taggi and Elahi. Bittersweet memories.

Jackie Dering

So today on our walk we passed a woman with a very ample pug and a very little dog. She looked at Luke and Harley and said, “Models….. and bookends.” Wasn’t sure what she meant, but it sounded like a compliment so I said thank you.

Harley has a neat new trick. She goes into my closet and pulls my jeans off their hangers. Closet door is now closed. 😂🤣😂🤣

Ashley Lorin

Ivan likes to sit on the back of the couch on my shoulder. No other dog here has ever done this. They get up on the back of the couch. But never do the shoulder cuddle.


Frey and everyone. Love all around

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PI the cat wanted to share what he is doing this winter.
Yes he is taste-testing the dogs' food . He can no longer go out on colder days due to frost bite he suffered when he first arrived.
His insticnt to protect is still strong. When he thought when he heard the pack of coyotes last night
he wanted to go out and defend his property. Of course I put him safely to bed instead.