The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXII, Issue 1, February 2018


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Katie Campbell

For those owners newer to the breed, some could become misguided that Basenjis can become "fool proof" (off leash). Moral of the story: Don't be fooled.


Jackie Dering

1. The women cleaning my house are having a yodel discussion with Harley.

2. Harley did something rather amazing yesterday even for her. Yesterday I fixed their breakfast and as usual I put a small piece of freeze dried organ meat on top. It’s like the cherry on top and piques her interest. I put the bowls down and went upstairs and she was about three seconds behind me. She batted at me until I followed her and she led me downstairs right to the piece of organ meat which she usually loves, but this time she picked it up and gave it back to me. I don’t know what was wrong with it but I threw it away.

Lisa Voss

Maybe one of Sparkle's grandmas want to take her for awhile. She is naughty. Note that she emptied the box because what she really wanted was to shred the box, and not so much the kleenex.

Tamara Allen


And coffee beans. When we had the billy goat basenji Andiamo I knocked the bag of coffee beans on the floor. I knew the furry little vacuum basenji would just suck up every bean she could so flung myself on the floor and body swept all the beans I could under me so she could not get them.

Happily Stella and Tippy are super about being called off whatever it is. Thus far it worked on a scorpion in the house they were hunting, broken dish of cobbler in the kitchen, and a baby bird. Well, almost with the baby bird. Stella retreated then got it and burped it up as she entered the house.

Tippy with her stuffie duck friend.

Brenda Phillips

How to make an impression at an agility trial:

1) Show up with most handsome Basenji
2) When he jumps COMPLETELY OVER the pause table, remember you named him Nike for a reason.

Yvonne 't Mannetje

Life is a bitch and Moyo fully enjoys it.

Natalie Culver

Happy to report was just the very cold "heat wave" that had Obike silly crazy last evening. Next time I'll make more time to wrestle & play with him (or do a little rally and practice with treats). Last night I was trying to get kids fed & kitchen cleaned up & N wanted attention & H wanted attention & Obike wanted attention too.

Oh I know next time I'll let Nicholas run around with dog treats in his hand. That gives both of them some exercise

Kim McNeill

The thing with training a basenji, is you have to be at least as smart as the basenji. If you're not, don't blame the basenji in order to feel better about yourself.

Bob Kamen

I always discuss things with Chunk to make sure I get his perspective.  Dogs aren’t supposed to be slaves.

Andrea Stone

Turkish is so funny. He loves to steal shoes. But that's all he does. Just takes them and puts them in his bed.

Jackie Dering Harley relocates them.


Liner singed his back hugging the stove.

Andie Paysinger I don't understand how they don't feel the heat. When I got my first Basenji, I still had the Danes and an elderly Chihuahua who pretty much ruled the roost. I had a huge fireplace with a fairly substantial screen in front. The Danes would arrange themselves in front of the fireplace and the Chihuahua would crawl over the top to get closer. Sin decided that was smart and he would crawl up but lay on top of whichever Dane was closest to the hearth.

Andrea Stone Ouch! Regan is always ouching her ear tips on the insert.

Susan K-M I’m not sure he noticed. My Sandy had a singed spot between her shoulders every winter.

Andrea Stone Regan is a drama queen. She didn't singe, still cried.

Susan K-M Andrea Liner can’t spell “drama”.

Xan Raskin Seneca used to try and sleep on the steam radiator. One day she ended up with red zebra stripe burns on her tummy so it was covered up from then on. Silly basenjis.

Joe Stewart

Bolt's first snow. He's the only one who would go outside!

I was given “The Face”. You know the one. When you open the door for a pee opportunity and the excited fur kids doing the Pee Pee dance at the threshold go immobile except to whip their head around to stare at you.

The expression on their muzzles clearly stating “What the Hell did you do to our play spot/toilet!?! We are not amused and not going out there, Baldy”. So does getting your hand peed in when pushing the reluctant rump over the threshold count as Karmic Balance?

Karen Christensen

Doggie drama: out for mid-day walks, two dogs at a time with Kelly Petteruti, the senior dogs first. Ian was unhappy early in the walk with a bit of salty ice on his paws but I brushed his feet off and set him on sun-dried, un-salted pavement and within a few strides he was trotting along again UNTIL late in the walk we traversed a shaded, slushy spot I should've recognized as being heavily salted. Ian did not whine or scream, he lay down in the road and bayed! Poor laddie! I scooped him up and we wiped his paws, then he trotted the rest of the way home.

Tutu none too thrilled with the footie situation but she's a tough chica.

When we got home we discovered the paw wax is old and musty so I used Corona Ointment instead, to soothe Ian's toesies and prime Rose and Rip for their walk. Turns out Ian has a couple of abrasions on one foot, no wonder it hurt. HOWEVER, Rose discovered that salty spot was alarming to herself as well, she has a very shrill scream and used it! Within a few steps she was back to stalking squirrels, one of which the dynamic duo nearly snagged. Rip is not as tough as his Mama Tuts, but he did get through the walk without screaming or even more than a little whine. I guess I need to figure out boots or other footer protection for my dogs....


Chris Klein

I try not to be political, but my dogs torture me....

Pi Butterworth