The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXII, Issue 2, May 2018


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Lotta Olsson

If you are living in a small space then the Basenji is the breed for you! When you are done playing just fold him up and put away.

Karen Christensen

Life with basenjis: I made Mr. "I can't possibly eat .that. for breakfast" (aka Ian) a big pot of stewed chicken and rice with sweet potatoes and mixed veg., and they all love it. Of course they got to lick the pot, after which they took turns rolling on a pillow to clean their whiskers and eyebrows! This is why we have no upholstery showing.

Jackie Dering

It’s amazing how fast Luke can steal a sandwich out of a hand at a picnic.

Another funny Luke story: Luke and I have been working on Rally. We were on our walk. I had Harley’s leash and Ed had Luke’s. I look down and Luke is walking perfectly at my left side despite Ed having his leash. He knows who has the cookies.

Some guy stopped his car and asked if the dogs were “those hunting dogs”. I didn’t know what he meant so I just said yes. Then he told me Luke looked human.

And a funny Harley story: Today when we were walking Harley thought she’d woof at the horse pulling the tourist carriage. We see them many times a day, but today she decided to woof. I don’t think the tour guide thought it was as funny as I did.

Uschi Grewe

Aj? and the Q-tips that were on the stairs.

Karen Christensen to Natalie Culver - look familiar?
Natalie Culver Ha ha. Yes familiar, except I have been in a panic over doggie digestion. Kunjo had three weird things, among his idiosyncrasies. He was crazed to eat / lick, Q-tips, Vaseline & hand lotion. The only one that worried me for his health was his Q-tip eating fetish.

Tamara Allen

Sitting for halibut. Well, one does. The other tries but is still super cute. Stella never puts her tush firmly on the floor, always ready to spring.

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

Debby: Hi Sizzle, did you want a drink of bathroom water?

Sizzle: —No. I hadn't seen you for 30 seconds, so I wondered where you were.

Sizzle: Rainy day! Let's sit in front of the heater!

Debby: Sizzle, it's 50 degrees outside, are you sure you need the heater?

S: Yes!

D: When it's 80 degrees in August, will you need the heater?

S: Yes!

Sizzle (sadly): Where's my yogurt?

Debby: It's at the store, Honey, I'll get some this afternoon. How about a nice spoonful of soy milk!

S: Yech!

D: Try it.

S: (sniffs, thoroughly, laps suspiciously, cleans bowl) When did you say you were going out?

There's a viral video of a parrot perfectly mimicking a baby's cries:

The neighbors reported to the police that the next-door neighbor always leaves a child alone at home, who keeps crying in the day. Police accompanied by social service came and broke the door to recover the child. And this is the child they found!!! Parrot crying like a real baby.

Annechien Smith You should ask Uschi Grewe, who also had the police round one day!
Uschi Grewe ohhh...I was Elahi who I forgot in our sleeping room and went to work (half day). When I came home had to contact the police exactly as described above with the bird :-)
Well, but she destroyed the room in the meanwhile :-(
Annechien Smith Uschi you never told me the last bit! Did the police think you had killed someone there,lol?
Uschi Grewe Annechien - they could not believe my story and asked if they may see the dogs ?. Of course they could and they came one day....and enjoyed my pack ?
Susan Marsicano Like the day I was walking two dogs around the fountain at the ashokan reservoir while the rest waited their turns in the van. People ran over to me saying go back to your car. “There are coyotes”.

Sally Wuornos

Zsa Zsa had another session of training to find the rats. Today I had her work on climbing on the bails of straw. She's such a fun girl. Today she decided to roll on the tubes that had the rats in them. She did it several times. Other times she pawed at the tubes with the rats. It was a fun session at Apple Blossom Training! I'll be back and so will Zsa Zsa.

Annechien Smith

Never a dull moment with the Polly.

Me : Polly did you sneak upstairs where I had put the electric pressure cooker?
Polly : Yes, I like to have a good nose around. And as I am quite deaf now, that is nice entertainment.
Me : where did you go Polly?
Polly : Oh, I checked whether the bins upstairs were all in good order, got out some tissues, shredded them on the landing and walked over all of the beds to see if they were softer than yours.
Me : And did you find anything else, Polly?
Polly : I almoste forgot the pressure cooker. I made sure it was quite dry so you can put it away.
Me : And how did you do that, Polly?
Polly: I took the lid off and then gave a very good inspection to the rubber ring:
Me : And why is the ring in tiny bits now, Polly?
Polly : Oh, I am going back in front of the fire, I know noootthing about that!!!
Me minus rubber ring of Aldi pressure cooker, the maker has gone out of business..... Don't think Aldi has spares...

She is 12 and getting very deaf. She can only hear me when my voice is high pitched and loud. She can't hear Clive at all. She is getting naughtier by the day, so in a way it is good to have a puppy again.

Is there any being more persistent, contrary and obstinate than a basenji?

Andrea Stone

I think I need to contact Dr. Sholes. Some goat genes may have got mixed in with my AI litter. Not only is she a mountain goat but Pha seems to like to do a lot of goat jumping straight into the air.

Amalia Roma: Oh gosh. Photography tip #265:when taking portrait photos of your basenji, wanting a nice calm soft look of course,
do NOT try to get them to look at you (because of course some of them refuse to look, knowing you’re taking a picture)
by saying the phrase, “Hey, Bella, look. Bella. Why won’t you look?