The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XIX, Issue 3, August 2015

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Jackie Dering

Calves liver Harley likes it not
She does not like it cold or hot
She does not like it on a date
She does not like it on a plate
She does not like it raw or cooked
She does not like the taste or look
She would not like it on a river
She really does not like calves liver.

Rob Chodock

A boy and his dog. . . Hudson & Beck.

Wendy Cerilli

Scarlet makes a "strangulated belch", referring to the chortles Scarlet makes during her turns, in agility class, like in the weaves.

Mary Beth Printsky

Caesar can be sound asleep on the couch, but if I ask him if he wants to go for a walk, he wakes up immediately, with jazz hands!


There's this: my first basenji, Blush, say around 1976, in the lobby of a high rise on 57th, between 6th & 7th Ave, in Manhattan. All Tame Animals was interviewing her. They said, "Will she stay down?"

I said, "Blush, down, stay." And I got into an elevator & left her there with them. I went up a few stories, did not dally much, and came back down. So, I said, "did she move?"

"Only her ears," they laughed.1975

Joe Stewart

The Maddie Chronicles:

Maddie informed me she had a "pressing" need at 0800 to visit the backyard. She had been snuggled across my chest in the "Big girl" bed. I let her out and about 5 minutes later the Bark Alarm was activated.

The Woofinator had spotted the public water serviceman that was responding to our water alert alarm. Barkfest drew the rest of the pack from the house. There were two black sub-woofers, one floppy brindle tweeter on the hot tub, and four pointy eared dancers line dancing the fence line.

The performance stopped when I popped the baby food jar lid. Maddie returned wagging her tail with a look what a good girl am I grin on her face.

See the "Maddie Chronicles".

Chewing on leashes

Yvonne 't Mannetje - He does it all the time, Moyo is from the Basenji Liberation Force.

S K-M - Moyo's kids chew on their leashes, too.

Tamara Allen - Tippy tries to jump up and take the leash from me. On Sunday she jumped up and tried to take Stellas leash from Dennis.

Kris King

If they could talk: "Don't even think about making this bed."

Karen Christensen

Laser used to get Selket to give up her prime real estate in my lap by running to the door as if someone were there -- then he'd spring back to claim the spot!

Tamara Allen

From the intake form for Gloria's holistic health appointment on Friday.

Describe a typical daily schedule for your pet: Wait impatiently for biped to come and feed her in her room. 6 am, get a pill. Wait for said biped to create suitable breakfast. Eat at 6:30 am. Finish and go poop and pee about 7 am. Keep woman biped company while she drinks coffee on the couch until 7:15 am. Nap on the couch until 8 am. Go wander in fenced canyon area with the two hoodlum basenji housemates until 8:30 am.

Male biped plays the piano or organ, so she sleeps on the couch and takes a nap. Get up around 9:30 am and see if the food bowl has been filled with a suitable treat. Be disappointed its still empty, so go outside and see if its warm enough in the sun - consider peeing and pooping if the mood strikes. Come back in and find dog bed or couch to snooze.

At noon get up and get treats as male biped comes in to make lunch. Check out the back yard - have a little drink of water - go back to napping. Get up about 1 PM for pill/canned food treat. Look for sunny spot to nap. 3 PM go out and pee again - check that food bowl for treats again. Get disappointed. Come back in.

4 PM go out with hoodlums and male biped to take a lap around the fenced canyon area - come back in and demand to go back to room to wait impatiently for dinner. Dinner at 5:30 PM. After several trips outside flapping the dog door to show the bipeds that I am waiting for my dinner. Food arrives at 5:30 and it is glorious.

Back out with the bipeds as they make dinner - supervise kitchen activities. Supervise bipeds eating their food - try to give sad melted chocolate eyes at them to see if that will get a treat or three. 7 PM on the couch with bipeds to lap nap. Up at 8 to go pee.

Ask to go to room at 8:30 - Wait impatiently for bedtime pill/treat - whack the dog door a dozen times more to show humans I am waiting. 9 PM get the horrid flovent mask - then a final treat/pill before bed. Get up around 3 am to pee and poop again. Then start again...

Jackie Dering

Luke didn't understand when I told him that the two legged creatures ran the house.

Erin Fogarty

Happy second birthday to Skipper!

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