The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XX, Issue 3, August 2016

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Jackie Dering

I just watched Ed mow the lawn around a sun sponging Harley. He had to go back later.

I am making training progress with Harley. I now move my iPad out of her way and make space between my legs without being nosed and pushed. Nobody even gave me a cookie.

Joe Stewart

Even a small sunbeam has a devastating effect on Maddie.

Tamara Allen

Add to the list of Apu genetic traits: EQ sensor. Tippy was up bouncing around right before the earthquake early this morning. Refused to go back to bed. Then dove under the covers right when it hit. Nothing major at our house - it was far enough away.

Old story - Someone asked me once - if they are barkless how do they communicate? I told her they use paw language, like sign language. She said, "that is sooooooooo interesting!" - I think her tin foil hat blew away.

Donna Hess

And so the Basenji fun begins. Sunny has some house freedom now..took a shower and when I came out my sweatpants were gone...

Susan Kamen Marsicano Now now. Gilda is proud of her sis. She herself has been taking care of my clothes while I bathe for a while now. It's a job.

Karen Christensen

Some early-morning dog-toy symbolism.

Second photo is baby Rose dancing with Winter Petteruti.

About an AKC judge we love

An exhibitor wrote, "I showed in Concord, NC a few weeks ago with my new puppy. For some reason, I was a complete nervous wreck and of course that went right down the lead. I place my pup on the table, who by the way stands perfectly at home, and he's dancing all over the place. Mr. Richard L. Reynolds was the judge. He walks up to the table and to my dismay my pup licks him from chin to forehead! I thought 'oh crap.' Instead, Mr. Reynolds began kissing my pup's head and making squeaky noises through the whole exam. I was then so nervous I didn't do the correct triangle the judge asked for. Mr. Reynolds laughed and politely asked me to do it again, 'the right way.' To my surprise, he actually gave my dog the class but more importantly he was so patient with me and my dog. I would definitely show to him again. What could have been a mortifying experience is now one I will forever remember with a smile!"

Newton's mom

Raven just discovered the tennis ball (which is older than her). Then proceeded to throw it at Bella and Newton, then snatched back from them as if they had stolen it. Newton's version of playing with the yellow ball is much less amusing-- he just tried to pluck the hair off of it (successfully of course). Bella plays soccer because her little mouth is too small to carry it except by the strands of hair left by Newton.

Raven has been watching me on the elliptical (initially freaked out, now bored) and using resistance bands for arms in a standing position (still mildly interested but stays a basenji length away-- think they make a squeaky-creaking noise she can hear maybe). But today floor workout in her presence AFTER elliptical and bands was just too much. I got through 1 set of 20 crunches and she wiggled up to me, ears back, full body wiggle and said, "Ohrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?"

Christine Tilburg

Like most teenage girls Gnocchi has started a journal. Today's entry (of course I read her journal!): "Mom just cannot make up her mind. I mean, we were outside working weaves with xpens on only one side. That's some tough shit! I mean, like, really hard. And I was rocking it. I got every rep and I looked so beautiful. She said (correctly) that I am a genius and fed me the appropriate amount of hot dog.

So then we go inside and to commemorate our success I decided to make abstract art in the family room consisting of wood chips, Spanish moss, and a decapitated orchid. And now I am the bad dog? Ugh. Like what is a girl to do?"

Natalie Culver

We are all enjoying this baby boy (er, well Obike is enjoying the pacifier dog toy being out again!) 3 wks now. Hannah is still over the moon with how cute and "tiny" he is, although we remind her constantly that he is huge in comparison... {to her}

Already outgrowing newborn cloths at 3wks, that was fast! Glad I didn't invest in too many newborn outfits. Hannah was like 4 or 5 mths old before she was Nicholas' size now.

Was cracking me up, Obike carefully stretchhhhing his neck over to not stand on Nicholas' blankie, but at same time "investigate" his pacifier. Hannah was trying to keep Obike away at first "No Obike, it's Nicholas'". I told her she could quit protecting the paci, as I wanted to get this pic of Obike, the pacifier crazed basenji!

Penelope Rivers helping to unpack the groceries.