The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXII, Issue 3, August 2018


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Andrea Stone


Zepar just took off at a dead run. Understandably the other dogs got excited and took off after him.

Where was he going? A sunny spot on the deck. See Page 4

Daniele Bass

{Ed. Let me know if you need a translation. :)}

Susan K-M

Garrett O'Dell Susan, every time I see your posts I am thunderstruck by what you can do with Basenjis. Are you, perhaps, part basenji yourself?

Susan Kamen Marsicano I fight everyday the perception that basenjis are not capable of doing anything. It's evil and bugs me, and often comes from local people - a reason, one reason, I travel away from here for events. Sighthounds RULE! You know that. And thanks for your help over many years. I remember when you had Stuart Little as an agility student.

Lotta Olsson

Sometimes I'm very happy that we don't have any neighbours close by... Espesially when Hio is bolting out with my bra in his mouth.

Joe Stewart

Come any closer and I’ll be deciding between white and dark meat.....

Karen Christensen

Left my purse where Tutu could reach it... of course she skipped the lip balm and the pens and went straight for the moolah!

Our pick - Must Be the Money or Where the Money Was. Still to come: Money for Nothing...

Tutu has a history that includes Franklins!

Xan Raskin That girl loves her some cash

Tamara Allen when she eats that and spits out quarters, then we will be impressed.

Karen Christensen Or poops 'em...

Terri Robinson Jones At least she went for the George Washington this time.

Jackie Krenetz Dering Mysti once pulled a five out of the pocket of a guy I was standing next to at a parade. I told him I’d trained her to do that.

Mark Statman

Should I be concerned that since moving to Mexico I haven’t heard anyone use the word tuchus?

Susan Kamen Marsicano Are you kvetching?

Mark Statman  Susan, maybe I’m kvelling? Quien sabe?

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

Sizzle: Where is California?

Debby: About 3,000 miles away.

S: . . . When does it get here?

D: It doesn't. We go to it.

S: Together?

D: Yes, together.

S: I was born in California, you know.

D: I know. Do you remember where?

S: No, I was just a pup.

D: How do you feel about going back there?

S: . . . We'll go together?

D: Yes. Always together.

S: . . . OK.

Jackie Dering

More Harley entertainment. Walking through the hotel lobby after our evening walk she threw herself on the floor and started rolling on the rug which we learned had been cleaned. When I encouraged her to come with me she bounced into play bow and wouldn’t move. Everyone in the lobby was laughing.

Luke walk story - Just after Luke had unsuccessfully willed a woman to drop her ice cream cone a duck walked right by him.

Suzanne LaCroix

You know those microchips we put in every one of our dogs? Well, they work! We had a mass escape from our yard this morning.

Over two hours we found four (note, they had split up). Then a phone call from my microchip company. Fancy Man ran the bike path all the way into town, where he actually let someone approach him and take him to the local vet. (He really is an AKC Pup Star!)

All are back home and safe. Phew! And we know we were very lucky.

Karen Sahulka

Two fallen swallow chicks, huddled at the barn door,
Watching their first downpour after a drought.
The descent of a horse's head, a mantling nose, engulfs the pair.
A blow! "Ooooh," say the half-feathered as they flutter up.
"Oooh," from the horse. "Who knew breath could look like that?"

"Is this your first flight?"

Barbara Reisinger

So this just happened... Why was I both gleefully stunned and concerned yet not at all surprised? Basenji Disa in a tree!!! That squirrel is asking for it! Disa up the cherry tree after a squirrel with Gable on her heels! 

Cindy Griswold

I asked for a soft sweet puppy that might be a good agility prospect.

Pi Butterworth