The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIV, Issue 3, August 2020

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Andrea Stone

Goof balls.

So today when I was walking Turkish, a man was outside with his baby daughter and lifted her up to "see the doggie".

I waved and of course she was shy - did not wave back. So I asked Turkish to do one of his flashier tricks: DOING!

We did it a few times. That got a wave.

Jackie Dering

Squirrel!! (Luke)

Harley story -
So I was sitting reading and suddenly an image of Harley lying on the deck in the sun popped into my head.
As I was seeing this Harley got up, went to the door, and asked to be let out on the deck.
It was weird. Same wave length? Psychic dog?

Susan K-M

So for about 10 days I’ve been searching the house for Fiddle & then she suddenly appears. Here’s her new private “spot”.

Lisa Stewart But isn’t it common knowledge that one must scale the stairs to the highest tower to see the beautiful princess?? Joe

Dennis Allen Don’t tell the others. I think Fiddle is hoping to stay hidden.

Nancy Wetsel Hide and seek - your turn mom!

Jackie Dering Harley will sometimes lie on the navy blue dining room chairs. She just disappears. Took me a while to figure that out.

Ashley Lorin

Bella: oh my gawd, that’s big enough to share!

Newton: speak for yourself

Raven: (sitting silently out of view, lurking to steal it for herself)

Ivan: (also out of view) hey guys, how come nobody is chasing me? Guys?

Tamara Allen

Surely Tippy has something quotable to say.

Alain Alerts

Dogs never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself. They keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." - Michael Jordan

Debby Mayer & Sizzle

D: Omigod.

Sizzle: Debby, you're putting on makeup again . . .

Debby: Sizzle, it feels like this is the rest of our lives, so I might as well start wearing make-up again. Now, give me one more minute to collect trash to take downstairs when we go out . . .

Sizzle: Anything, as long as you don't pick up litter.


Sizzle: Debby, are you there?

Debby: Yes, Sizzle, I'm right here, at the desk.

S: Are you sure?

D: Sure. And if you need to get in, you know how to do that.

Debby: Supreme Court's doin' good, Sizzle!

Sizzle: Well, they should . . . . .

Joe Stewart

The conversation:
“Alita What do you have? You put that down! I said spit it out! Come back here you little... Stop Dammit! Alita we do not eat dead birds! Listen you little bitch.... Get your little curly tailed butt over here! I said stop running. Gotcha! Open your mouth! No, I’m not letting you have it. Down!..........”

I envision it looked something like this. Joe


Leaf, prolly with group help, killed another chipmunk this morning. Only my skills as a trader kept him from bringing it in the bedroom door. Here's Nic Marsicano writing on chipmunks, maybe in the 70s.

Natalie Culver Way to go hunter Leaf! Your half bro & sis are totally envious! Jasper has only ever so far dispatched moths, June bugs, and one frog (well I've only ever observed one frog, as it was brought inside and not yet eaten up when I found Jasper munching on “sumpin’”). May be there have been more hunted down in yard I’ve not witnessed. Lol

Natalie Culver

We keep three gates up in house to keep kid toys and stuff stuff stuff safe from puppy jaws. Initially it was to keep our carpet safe from puppy pee but we are long past that phase, but their puppy jaws are still troublesome for kid toys, lol.

Jasper has been able to open 1 of 3 gates for ages, so I keep a dog crate in front to block him from pushing open that gate.

So this am Jasper ended up upstairs & Ivy was whining at bottom of stairs on other side of gate & I thought oh I must have not pushed it closed to latch it and Jasper must have bonked it open & Ivy can’t.

I was just getting up and groggy so figured it was me.

I took him back down to kitchen and did some stuff then heard them both bounding up the stairs.

I was still a little groggy so thought I must have made same mistake twice and not pushed baby gate closed to latch it again (silly groggy me).

I would have let them romp upstairs but N was still asleep and I wanted to let him sleep & two wild pups racing across the top of his bed and banking back around out of his room didn’t seem like a way to let Nicholas keep sleeping. Quietly got both pups downstairs without waking Nicholas & Made them go outside while I got Hannah her breakfast.

I let the pups back in and continued getting breakfast stuff in kitchen, when immediately after coming in from yard I heard them both bounding upstairs again.

And I though this time I know I didn’t leave the gate open, so I thought the latch must be broken somehow or the gate has come loose from the wall or something. I got dogs back downstairs (3rd time now). I carefully inspected latch and gate it was sound & made triple certain I had it latched closed.

I was no further than at the top of the stairs than I heard Jasper lightly bang-a-bang-a-banga with his paw on the bottom of gate & latch popped open and he ran right up a 4th time. Oh... you naughty boy dog with too-dexterous front paws.

Chris Klein

Betty the paddle boarding Saluki — Richards photo

Pi Butterworth, the Cat.

See what Mom got herself for the summer!! Well, it is mine for the summer, right now. She is so good to me.
I can take a break in between chores - such as chicken and guinea herding.
I've checked out the new sheep, but they stomp their feet at me, so I'm pretty careful around them.
My gardens are blooming though, and my veggies, per my inspections with Mom, are doing purrfectly.