The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XV, Issue 4, November 2011

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Yvonne 't Mannetje

Ch'ami is allowed to walk off leash on some paths in the woods. But when we get the area where there's a chance we meet other dogs, he puts himself in front of me with his head up, asking to be ON leash again (my hero!) Does anyone have this happen?

Susan K-M

Fernie has a slew of songs.  “SomeFern Over the Fernbow,” & “There’s a Fern for me, A Time & Fern for me,” come to mind.

Kara Chandler

I wish that Arthur would turn off the stair lights after he goes upstairs.  He won't go up in the dark, so he turns it on with his nose. The first month I lived in the house, I thought I lived with a ghost, but no, it was Arthur going up stairs during the day while I was at work.

One day, I was in my bedroom...I heard "click" of the switch and here comes Arthur up the stairs.

Kara & Trea

Karla Schreiber

It is now official. Portia can leap every baby gate I own. She leaps them beautifully, too - like watching a jumper clear a steeplechase. But Oy. This is going to get annoying! Now that she knows she can jump, I have found her on the grooming table (helping self to biscuits), the kitchen table and the dining room table. Not since Great-Grandma Mirrie's heydays has there been so much LEAPING at the New World place!

Cheryl Silver

Hank is now 13 1/2 years old.  It’s hard to imagine, but this boy has certainly settled down.  That said, yesterday a friend came over and we opted to stay ensconced in the air conditioning and to watch multiple episodes of the Inspector Lewis mysteries on PBS.  Hank contented himself by moving from snuggling with one of us to the other.  Then, I guess we were not exciting enough, he jumped off of the couch where he had been snuggling with my friend and he walked over to a paperback copy of "The Help" that was sitting on the coffee table--a copy that I have borrowed from a friend.  He stuck his nose in the book then scanned with his eyes back and forth from me to my friend as if to say, "If I can't get some more excitement around here I may just have to eat this book!"  We both started laughing, I got him a chewstick to enjoy and there was peace in the valley..........that boy sure knows how to get his point across!

Tamara E. Allen

Walking Batsy and Fawn at Mission Bay way back when, a woman admired them: They are do not bark I say. She, shocked, responds, how DO they communicate? Paw language I say, life deaf people. "ohhhhhh!!!" She believed me...... Time for a tin foil hat for her.

Wrapped Batsy, 2005

Karen P. Christensen

Laser and Cherry eat sushi. Yesterday afternoon I went to Wegman's, and had their sushi chefs make me a couple of eel rolls and a snapper hand roll to bring home and enjoy as a cold supper. I sat at the picnic table and Laser, or should I call him Fabian, swiped a chunk of eel roll faster than I could unhand my chopsticks and stop him. Did he -- and Cherry -- ever love that!

They even ate the cucumber. I did manage to keep them from the snapper roll, but shared small bites of the raw fish with them. Laser was on cloud nine, eyes closed, ears back, enjoying the aroma of the fish first, then rolling it around in his mouth. Cherry made lip smacks. What a pair!

Donna Hess

I was watching PBS last week and they had a documentary about ferrets. "In Pursuit of Excellence". It was very cute and I did see some similarities in the joyous thievery between ferrets and Bs!!

I was quite taken by the song one of the women sang to her ferret, and have bastardized it to sing it to Nora. She likes it. (BaBa is Nora's nickname).

The original is no doubt on you tube.

Words to "I Have a Little Ferret" Song by Barb Carlson

(By the way, this is a true story .)


I have a little BaBa who likes to steal my things

She takes my shoes, and my socks, and all my shiny rings

She hoards up all the plastic, she likes the denture cream

And in her little BaBa eye, she has an impish gleam.


[Chorus: BaBa, oh BaBa, gatherer of "stuff"

BaBa, my BaBa, when will you have enough?]


She likes to steal potatoes and hide them 'neath my chair

And by the time I find them, they're all covered up in hair!

But my silly little BaBa comes chirping in dismay

How could I be so mean, so cruel to take her prize away?


[Chorus, repeated between each stanza]


And then with single-mindedness, she feathered up her nest

She lined it with my children's socks -- she really liked them best

And then she decorated it with bits of treasure found

Treasure being anything that chanced to hit the ground!


She lined her stuff up neatly, to a BaBa's practiced eye

And settled in, quite blissful, with a deep and happy sigh

But this was her undoing -- she wouldn't come when called

And I was forced to find her. When I did I was appalled!


She had my husband's denture cream, my long-lost camera cap

With 13 pair of dirty socks, a roll of plastic wrap

Erasers (full of teeth-marks) some pencils and a pen

Two jelly beans, a gumdrop, all stacked inside her den.


She had my daughter's wristwatch, she had my son's old shirt

She ripped out my shoe linings, which seemed to be unhurt.

Two cat toys and a dog chew, the stuffing from a doll

A little wad of plastic tape all rolled into a ball.


It took me 20 minutes to pull out all that stuff

It took me 20 minutes more to vacuum up the fluff

And when the BaBa was let loose, her joy at freedom plain

It only took her seconds to put it back again.

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