The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XV, Issue 3, August 2011

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Our First Basenjis

Bomabwa Blushing Bride in 1975 - S K-M

Lady & Shakka Grewe

Beck Chodock

Russell & Donald Chuvala

Shane Stone

Batsy & Fawn Allen

Winnie Sigrist- "She was my first dog as an adult, my first Ch, my first CD, and my best friend..."

Keisha Khur Stewart. 1987

Selket Christensen

Kunjo & Natalie Culver at Staten Island OB Trial, with Paul Mount & Gracie.

Delphi Stone, March 1994

Dan Sailor - "Mom & my first basenji, Nipper, Christmas 1977"

Kelly & Dawn Donaldson, 1967. Kelly's father was a basenji,

Harrison & Indy Bing Harlan

Fender Stratocaster Osenni w/Susan K-M, Liberty State Park

Dan & Cooper in Truro, 1996

Keith Ryhmer

More in the November issue, if you'd like. Also baby photos & grown-up photos.

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