The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XIX, Issue 3, August 2015

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We took the dogs to Balboa Park and they mostly enjoyed the organ concert.
It was a bit too warm in the outdoor seating area so we wandered and listened.
Then traveled over to the botanical garden and watched a white crane (?) bath in the koi pond.
Afterwards, the Mainly Mozart outdoor concert in the park. On the way out we stopped at the Old Globe theater,
& I had a cool beer, Tippy smoozed the patrons.
At the play matinee intermission a violinist played outdoors.
Most ignored him and chatted but Tippy walked up, stopped, sat, stared him in the eye, and tilted her head.
He giggled - it was so terribly cute. ....Tamara Allen

Fender Stratocaster, S K-M, long ago.

Miranda Marshall, lovely self-stack, "in front of a replica of the Denis Sullivan, a 3 - master on Lake Michigan, Milwaukee.
One of our favorite places to walk together is in our downtown and along the lakefront, where it is cooler and no ticks in sight!"

William Kuvshinova "looks like a basenji waterfowl".

Moissev Ervin's Mylius wants to play with the cows.
Moyo 't Mannetje

Stella & Tippy Allen, "Salty dogs at the SD Yacht Club"

Tutu and Rip Christensen

Harley Dering

Riverhead KC, maybe 2001.

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