The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XXII, Issue 1, February 2018

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ABOUT - electric fences. We see stories like this: “Our husky has ran away from 39 frost hill road, york maine. If anyone has seen her please contact me at ******* her name is Tika and she does not have a dog tag but she is wearing a electric fence collar.”

Electric fences DO NOT protect your dogs from other dogs coming onto your property. Therefore your dog is trapped and in danger in this sort of situation. Also many a dog will grit his/her teeth and take a shock and be free.

About basenjis running off lead. by Katie Campbell

On Thanksgiving Eve, James and his dedicated peeps arrived at a family beach cabin in the woods on Whidbey Island. James has been there many times and for years had been reliable off-leash there as this was his “happy place.” Upon arrival, the Mr. owner went paddle boarding, while Mrs. owner (8-1/2 months pregnant) took their 3 y/o daughter and James for a familiar walk in the woods. James caught sight of “something” and took off; Mrs. owner called James; James stopped, turned to look at her, and then decided to take off running into the woods anyway.

He was not seen again. A huge effort was put together to find the dog as night fell into the holiday. Flyers were posted, the microchip company was notified; APB put out to vets, shelters, groomers and the sheriff’s office. Knocked on all neighbors doors. Returned to the site he’d last been seen. Combed the thick forest of the property with multiple search parties over the course of multiple days. “Everyone” had seen the flyers by then, but not a single sighting of James.

As a PNW native, I know that the area is full of coyote and other wildlife that notoriously prey upon domestic family dogs. Days turned to a week and no news at all. We were grieving that this nearly 10 y/o city dog was a gonner. But through FB, his Mr. owner was turned onto Jim at Lost Pet Rescue and It was our last hope as James had been gone 10 days and freezing temperatures were in the forecast. Jim was skeptical since no sightings had been made, but Jim and “Fozzie” (a Miniature Poodle!) picked up a bag of James’ bedding etc, from the owners as well as the GPS points of the location James as last seen and they went up to Whidbey Island to search.

Within 2 hours, Jim & Fozzie found James who had apparently taken an extended walkabout but by Day 10 returned to an ancillary building on the family property. James was a rack of bones, full of tree pitch and apparently had a scrap with some creature, but he was alive. We were absolutely elated to receive the call from Jim (Pinch Me, am I dreaming?)

While waiting for Jim & James to return from Whidbey Island I gleefully prepared James a special diet (knowing his GI system would be whacked out) but no sooner did James arrive back home for his "Welcome Home" party, Mrs. owner went into labor! Drama ensued as I have an infant litter at home myself; Grandma was needed to care for the owners’ 3 y/o daughter (who had her birthday party that day and now upset that her expecting parents were “leaving her” as they went to the maternity ward), and James certainly needed to see a vet. So… with great family cooperation we all managed and everything turned out fine. Two days later baby sister was born (a little early, but all’s fine). The vet told me that she was astonished at James’ durability for a 10 y/o dog (did I mention that James was found on his birthday?) his heart, lungs and organs are still in great shape and no blown pads. James got a dose of Drontal and is still feasting on the “casserole” I made for him (albeit 4x/day small meals with goats milk) Now home for a few days, thoroughly checked over by his vet, and keeping a close eye on him, we believe that James is going to make it and I can post this with confidence.

The moral of the story here is:

1. Always have a “LOST” poster/flyer made up for your dogs in advance as a PDF and lift it to a Cloud service so if s/he ever gets lost, no matter where you are, you can instantly print it and Get The Word out much faster.

2. For all those owners who claim that you have mastered off-leash recall with your Basenji, and/or become a bit too comfortable with your Basenji’s reliability, let this be an example to you of the 1% instances when Instinct supersedes “proofing”. Every.Time.Your.Basenji.Is.Off-Leash in an unsecured area You.Put.Their.Life.At.Risk.

3. If you're in Western Washington and you know of a lost dog, remember how deftly Jim & Fozzie found James.

Photos here include a standing photo of James taken in early October 2017, then when he was returned after 10 days in the wilderness as a rack of bones, and now 2 days later basking in the sunshine upon his couch after a full spa day at the Taji M’Hall, a vet visit, quality homemade dog food “casserole” and tons of love from his dedicated human and Taji family.

Many thanks Jim & Fozzie for your time & talent. And also for all the thoughts and prayers for James from our FBF and extended Taji Family; We shall be forever grateful.

Emilia Blagoeva Very remarkable story, thank you for sharing it. I've always been afraid of such performances. But how else would we normally live with them ?! They need long walks and a lot of running!

Susan Kamen Marsicano There are long leashes and fenced in places. Honest.

Katie Campbell Emilia, I'm simply sharing this experience with you to offer you more information to make decisions for yourself and your Basenji/s. What you do is your responsibility and how you choose "the right balance" of exercise, freedom, mental focus and safety..

Emilia Blagoeva Right, that’s what I get from this story. It’s just sometimes challenging to be a basenji owner ?

Susan Kamen Marsicano Emilia - but easy to adjust. I agree with Katie Campbell. Those of us who have given a lifetime to these dogs have advice based on observation and learning.

Katie Campbell It.Only.Takes.ONCE (perhaps after many successes) to lose a Basenji off-leash.

Katie Campbell Years ago I remember repeating the urban legend: More Basenjis die of being hit by cars than of natural death. (I have no idea if that is/was "still true") but the notion here still applies: This breed is not, and IMHO *never will be*, 100% reliable off-leash. Period.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Katie - so true. Dogs lost to their owners and tragedy to hear about as their breeders. In the early 80s, a lovely girl dog, Apu Modesty Blaise, was "reliable off lead". She was run over and killed while sunbathing on the black top in the cul de sac right near her house.

Katie Campbell We take pride in the magnificent mind that Basenjis have and many of us make an effort to preserve and develop their intellect. But that intellect, as charming as it is, can come to haunt you. Like all human children, there will come to be a time when they will "test" your command, just as James who turned to reconsider, but then defied Mrs.Owner. It.Could.Happen.To.Anyone.

Emilia Blagoeva That’s why I am following your posts here ? And I really appreciate sharing your experiences, that’s really valuable for me having in mind that’ nobody around me to get some knowledge about growing basenjis ?
Susan Kamen Marsicano I feel the same sadness about dogs riding in vehicles not in crates. People get very upset when I say something, or several somethings, but, you and I, Katie, we know the ghastly stories.

Katie Campbell Emilia, I'm simply sharing this experience with you to offer you more information to make decisions for yourself and your Basenji/s. What you do is your responsibility and how you choose "the right balance" of exercise, freedom, mental focus and safety. I'm not here to tell you what to do for your living situation with the individuals in your home. Rather, my sense has been that we proudly share our training successes, but rarely our mortal challenges. Especially for those owners newer to the breed, some could become misguided that Basenjis can become "fool proof". Moral of the story: Don't be fooled.

ABOUT - Dogs running from a car crash. We see stories like this all the time: We are still currently looking for our dog Cotton. This accident took place around 4:30 yesterday.
My husband and daughter were in a car accident off of 25 and 110 going towards ***** our dog was in the vehicle and got out. she is a German short hair pointer 6-7 months old, microchipped has an orange collar and a purple collar on. Please share! Thank you for all the shares!


December 9  Vermont State Police

There's an interesting story and positive outcome to this roll-over crash on Interstate 91 in Windsor, Vermont this afternoon. The numerous pet carriers you see were transporting 12 rescued dogs. With one occupant of the vehicle being attended to by rescue due to minor injuries, the Troopers were left to attend to their new furry friends.

With the help of the other vehicle occupant, and the fire department, the dogs were contained and transported safely off the interstate where arrangements with the rescue agency could be made. None of the dogs were seriously injured.

We have to extend a huge THANK YOU to the Windsor Fire Department, who turned an ambulance into a mobile pet carrier, and also everyone that overheard the incident on their scanners and showed up at the park & ride with blankets and puppy treats.

Brandy Barnes
This is my transport... Thank you to everyone who stopped and helped... Who went above and beyond and to my drivers that were more concerned about making sure the animals where safe rather than their injuries... They are at the hospital now being checked out.. We will be back to saving animals again as soon as we can get a new van.. Hug your loved ones.. This accident could have been so much worse with a horrible outcome... Thank you again... Vermont does rock!

Just an update, Drivers are ok, I also noticed that the article said one driver was transported, that is false, one was seen in the back of an ambulance, but both drivers refused transport because they were more concerned for the animals on board. After all was settled and all the dogs were safe, they then went to the hospital. They are both sore but in good spirits.. Thank you all for concerns..

Majken Poley
I am a board member with Passion 4 Paws & Potter's Angels Rescue, the two organizations that were scheduled to receive these pups this Saturday. We are so grateful that both drivers and all 12 pups made it to their destinations safely, THANK YOU to all that made that possible!

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