The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXII, Issue 2, May 2018

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OUR 2018 Fundraiser

all proceeds to the BHE, as always!

We will draw our raffle on June 9th, in Ringoes. NJ. Tickets are 6 for $10, and can be purchsed via PayPal.

SCROLL DOWN to see all 4 items, making a total of FIVE prizes.!!!!

1 & 2. Handmade "bait" baits by Uschi Grewe. There are 2, so two people can win one.

3. Handmade quilt by Lisa Stewart. 19.5" square.

4. "Basenji" doodle drawing donated by Karen Christensen. 473/500 Limited Edition.

5. Handmade "Brindle" necklace by Frey Johnsson. 24" long, which fits over the head, with no clasp.
The center piece is quartz crystal, with tigers' eye, carnelian, citrine and pearls.