The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIV, Issue 1, February 2020

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RVW Officers and Board

Here's what we look like.

Karen Christensen, Natalie Culver, with Hannah and Nicholas and Ivy and Jasper.

(Affiliate Basenji Club of America, founded 1997)

President & BCOA Liaison... Susan Kamen Marsicano
Vice President... Lisa Osenni
Secretary... Karen Christensen
Treasurer… Karen Sahulka

Board of Directors
Natalie Culver, Suzanne Schulz, Tamara Allen, Lisa Stewart, Debby Mayer,
& Officers of the Club

BCOA Rescue Contacts: Mary Silva & Michelle Voyek

Rip Van Wrinkler® Editors:

Editor in Chief: Susan Kamen Marsicano

Peon Editor in Chief: Tamara E. Allen

Copy Editor: Jackie Dering

S -K-M

Lisa Osenni

Karen Christensen

Karen Sahulka

Natalie Culver

Lisa Stewart

Debby Mayer

Sue Schulz

Tamara Alllen

Jackie Dering

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