The Rip Van Wrinkler,
Volume XX, Issue 3, August 2016

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Everyone that tried Rally had a good time. . .
See more about Rally HERE

photos by Susan Kamen Marsicano

Apu Richard Parker JC SGRC ORC, aka Rip, was High in Trial. There was a tie with Hanna, and the tie breaker was Sit, Down, Sit, which also tied the first time, but Rip got it on the second try.
Sorry I didn't get photos of Hanna doing Rally.

Our Course

Memphis and Michael having a lesson from our judge, Malley Heinlein

Malley demos Rally

Rip and Karen

Gilda, 270 Right

Guiness and Maggie

Stella and Maggie

The judge's gift - a print by Heidi Shaulis

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