The Rip Van Wrinkler, XX, Issue 3, August 2012

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Remembering Vanessa Johnson . . .

Vanessa passed away the beginning of December, 2014. For those who didn't know her,
here are some of our memories of her. She is really greatly missed.

(from the 8/2012 Wrinkler)

Vanessa Johnson (AKC Lure Coursing Judge, in S K-M photo with Karen Christensen & Tutu, who was a new FC)

“I retired in 2009 after 35 years with Verizon.
I decided to work my dream job & founded SHUTTLE PET."

We were able to follow Vanessa’s travels on Facebook

This is from facebook, concerning the transport of Gloria & Poe, after they were abandoned by their family, in their seniority. Poe didn't make it far into his new life, but Gloria had a glorious second life, beloved by the Allens:

Allen photo

May 5th - Ok, I delivered the Basenji today. The forever home is sooo nice. Those guys will be dearly loved. Dennis {Allen} was so excited about them arriving. The bitch made herself at home right away. When I left she was up on the couch. The boy was still exploring with his nose.

May 4th - Last night, my wireless card(4G) would not hold a signal. It was a mess trying to send an email through the drops. My daughter explained that 4G isn't everywhere yet. Well, I dropped the pit bull terrier and had 3 pick ups in TX. 1 wolf cub, 1 Borzoi, and 2 Basenji. These are the calmest Basenji I have ever seen. But then, the are old..12-13 years old.

May 3rd - Tamara Allen: Those basenjis came from the best breeder in the world - too bad first caretaker didn’t appreciate them, but they shall be spoiled ! As will Vanessa when she arrives in San Diego if she has time!!

Susan Kamen Marsicano Vanessa. The Bas were born in my house on the millennium. Karen Christensen was midwoof.

SHUTTLE PET Let me tell you guys. Anita was hand feeding them and still they wouldn't eat but so much. So I fed them chicken breast. I didn't have to hand feed them at all. They both sucked the chicken right up..It was great to see.

Tamara Allen They are great dogs -- saddens me that they had been neglected by the owner prior to Anita's care. Will work to get them healthy and strong -- Gloria snarlfled an entire sweet potato with yogurt and some canned salmon-chicken dog food. Vanessa, you rock -- you are their angel, flying them in your van to us safe and welled cared for -- no one could have treated them better.

Karen Christensen Vanessa, thanks for taking such great care of them on their trip with you - and for letting us know chicken rules!

Allen photo, Vanessa walking Poe

Gloria beloved

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