The Rip Van Wrinkler, Volume XX, Issue 4, November 2017

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Santa Paws Gift Exchange

sign up by December 3rd!

  • The Elves at Casa De Chaos, in Sandy Eggo, are Tippy & Stella.
  • They will puzzle over matching who sends gifts to who. 
  • You have your human sign you up, & you’ll get paired with someone else, who has also been signed up, & then the gifting begins.
  • Keep gifts around $15.00. Make sure any special requests or information is noted, such as if you are a cat and not a dog, if you can't have edibles cause they will make your tummy gurggley and squrggley, etc.
  • Then enjoy giving and receiving!
  • Please send your information by December 1st, by email, to: Tamara Allen & Susan Kamen Marsicano

Tamara, Tippy, Stella. Dennis Allen photo.

To set the mood, here are some wonderful Xmas past paintings by our members:

Dan Sailor

Heike Föllscher

SK-M -"49ers' fanatic."


Susie Zeh has designs on file for our club. You can have these embroidered on a garment of your choice, or tote, etc.,

Email Susan Zeh, or phone her 1-888-828-5445.


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