The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXI, Issue 3, August 2017

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Sunshine. . .

Winners at race meet in Germany, May 2017.

New Titles & Kudos:

The Stewart's Bolt gets well deserved kudos for all these new titles - SC TKA FC DC FCH VBX. GCH DC Meisterhaus Days of Thunder SC TKA CGC THDN GEOD Td PD DSA ATD FCH VBX

Karen Christensen's Rose got her AKC Junior Courser title + her Qualified Courser title + a CA leg. Apu Keeping Up Appearances JC.

Jackie Dering's Harley won a 3 point major + 2 points the next day her very first weekend of AKC lure coursing. Kenset Sud-nly Mystic Harlequin.

Susan Marsicano's Fern got her ASCA agility Jumpers Elite title & added AKC trick dog novice. She also got some more QQs. Now has 39. CH MACH Apu Painted Sand RA MXB2 MJG MXF T2B THD CL3 RS-N JV-E GV-N SC TKN FCh SGRC ORC SOR CGC TDIA VBE.

The Grewe's AJ, Naadir Ali Baba ti-n Abou Teka, has been winning race meets! Photos by Kadidja Wippich.

Internat. Championsleague Rennen am 24.6.17 in Landstuhl, Sandbahn - 375 Meter in 33,65 Sec.

Grand Prix d' Europe Rennen am 7.Mai 17 in Freiburg-Waltershausen - 350 Meter 31,44 sec.

Susan Marsicano's Fiddle got her AKC Senior Courser title, + she added AKC novice trick dog. CH Apu Sweet Baby James SC RN CA AX AXJ MXF TKN RS-N JS-N GS-N ORC FCh GRC MVB.

The Stewart's Tempest got her Veteran Field Champion title. GCH DC UCH Meisterhaus Neon Nights MC LCX THDA SGRC JOR CGC ORC UP Tdx GEOA Dog Scout ITD THD LCM VFCH MVB.

Susan Mariscano's Liner got his Superior Gazehound Racing Championship 2, + his AKC novice trick dog title, + he was BOB for a 5 point major at an AKC lure coursing trial. DC Apu i Liner RN CA TKN FCh SGRC2 ORC JOR VB.

The Stewart's Xander got his Veteran Field Championship. DC Meisterhaus Deal or No Deal MC RN LCX GRC SOR ORC PD Td Cadet Scout LCM2 VFCH VB.

Brenda Phillips reports:

The Makindu Basenjis did GREAT at their second lure trial under judges Bob Gooderl and for the Sunday CAT Erin Leigh:

Oberon and Mikaela completed their Coursing Ability Title, and THEN Oberon (Makindu's Next Man Up RATI CA) won the Open Stake in the EBC Specialty trial for his first points - a 5 Point Major!!

The entry was large enough for a second Open Stake which Zippie (UKC Ch Makindu Sez You! RATN) won - also a 5 Point Major!!

Nike pulled out a win in the honorable Veterans Stake - ALSO a 5 point Major!!

With those three strong placements the rosettes just started to tumble - Obi and Zippie won the Breeder's stake for me <swoon!> and Best Daddy Dog for Nike and Best Mommy Dog for Naziki <Happy Mother's Day Naziki!!!>, and Nike's high scores combined with Zippie also won the Kennel Stake for me <good kiddos!>

Rebecca's Makena (Makindu Makena Talayeh RATI) completed her Coursing Ability title.

Zippie completed her Senior Courser + she came in 2nd of 12 at her first race meet (Laurie Gregory photo).

Laurie Gergory photo

We look forward to seeing Flynn and Jan this summer, and hearing about the adventures of Nzangi and Irena from around the world.
Thank you again to Katie for letting me lease Naziki and to Lisa for sending Nike home with me 7 years ago "for a visit."

Kim McNeill's Zest! got mail.

Feel Better to:

Our dear friend, Allison Vicuna, in a long battle with ovarian cancer & almost finished with a new course of chemo.

Lisa Stewart, being treat for, of all things!, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

More New Titles & Kudos:

Karen Christensen's Tutu won the NOTRA meet the day of the RVW club Match. And Rip got a CA leg + racing points.

Paul Mount and MACH2 Zuri!!! MACH2 Fly'N Hi's Pretty Amazing JC MXC MJC OF T2B.

Susan Marsicano's Gilda has been busy. She got her AKC Rally Novice title, + AKC trick dog novice, + AKC Junior Courser, + 2 legs of her AKC CA title. Gilda got a 5 point major in AKC lure coursing her first time out. She also got 3 LGRA (straight racing) points. Apu Painter Song JC RN TKN. This qualifies her for BCOA Versatile Basenji Started.

Chelsea James Gotham won the IG National Specialtiy.

A funny story from the National. After Gotham made the first cut, I decided to run to the ladies room. I ran in quick to pee, left stall to wash my hands and on my way out I was like, wait, why are there urinals in here? LOL Whoops, used men's room by mistake ;) so of course on my way out I'm thinking "please.... don't let anyone see me leaving the Men's room." Thankfully, it was just my friend Brian on the other side. To which I ran over and joked about mistakenly using the Men's room. So after we won, Brian came over to me and said that hopefully I didn't just start some sort of weird tradition/ritual in order to win. I said what do you mean? He said hopefully you're not going to have to use the men's room ever time to win LOL.

Jackie Dering's Luke won a first place in Singles his very first weekend of AKC lure coursing. FoPaw's Cool Hand Lukuru.

Lisa Marshall's Brady passed his Birch odor recognition test (ORT) in June! Next step is a nosework trial, maybe this fall

Susan Marsicano's Scarlet got her ASCA agility Novice Jumpers' title + she won the Veteran's class at AKC lure coursing + her AKC novice trick dog title. FC Apu PiNache RN OA OAJ OF TKN RS-N

Wendy Hodges Jillian, aka Silly Jilly - FC Shamasan Travlin’ The Road Less Traveled SC NA OAJ OF BCAT had quite a time at the Whippet Nationals 15-22 April 2017
We competed four our first time in the AWC Versatility (agility, coursing, rally, conformation) and Triathlon (coursing, obedience, conformation) competitions at Whippet Nationals. Jillian finished her Field Champion, winning her open stake at the AKC lure coursing trial - super exciting!!! We did well enough in the other events to place 3rd overall in Versatility and 7th in Triathlon. Jillian is an amazing partner, and at 2.5 years old handled all the performance pressure with grace, though she was pretty tired in her obedience and rally runs!

Andrea Stone's Turkish won an AKC 5 point lure coursing major + BOB!!!!. Saorsa FoPaw's Notorious SC CA TDA.

Andrea Stone's Regan got two legs of her CA title + 2nd in Singles. BIF GCHB DC FoPaw's Touch of Evil at Saorsa RA SC TKP TDA MVB.

The Stewart's Gambit got her Veteran Field Championship. GCH DC UCH Meisterhaus Neverwinter Nights MC JOR ORC GRC PDX Tdx Cadet Scout ITD LCM VFCH VB.

Linda Butterworth's Leena got her Grand Championship (owner handled all the way)!

New Additions:

The Rivers added Olie to the family.

Debby Mayer adopted Sizzle, a retired showgirl in need of love. (Lorraine Nelson Wolf photo of Sizzle observing Debby's piano lesson.) "Sizzle and I welcomed each other to our lives on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Well, Sizzle had to think about it."

(Affiliate Basenji Club of America, founded 1997)

President & BCOA Liaison...Susan Kamen Marsicano
Vice President...Lisa Osenni
Secretary.....Karen Christensen
Treasurer… Karen Sahulka

Board of Directors
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BCOA Rescue Contacts: Mary Silva & Michelle Voyek

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