The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXII, Issue 4, November 2018

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Sunshine. . .

S K-M, Grosbeak

Ch. Apu Flash at the Garden in 1981/2.

New Titles & Kudos & New Additions:

Susan Marsicano's Liner got his CAA (again, because of recording error) and ran undfeated in LGRA & NOTRA for the fall, and won the Leehigh Valley Coursing Club Hatch Memorial Trophy for the second straight year. He's 1.75 pts from SORC.

Weaving by Julianne Tagan and Rebecca Dioda , Simpatico

Brenda Phillps' Nike cleaned up at the BCOA Nationals.

Terry Fiedler photo

The Stewart's Bolt got his LCX3 - GCH DC Meisterhaus Days of Thunder MC LCX3 TKP CGC THD GEOD Td PD DSA ETD FCH MVB. He also got his CHIC.

Mary Hull photo

Susan Marsicano's Fern got her Master FAST Bronze title - certainly the first basenji to ever do that). CH MACH Apu Painted Sand RA MXS2 MJC MFB T2B2 THD CL3 RS-N JV-E GV-N SC TKN FCh SGRC ORC SOR CGC TDIA VBE.

Karen Christensen's Rip got his first AKC lure coursing BOB + 2 SORC points. Apu Richard Parker SC CAA GRC ORC JOR ORT PVB. Xan Raskin photo

Renee Meriaux's Eli got his RT title.

Karen Christensen's Rose, kept up appearances, winning her 3rd AKC lure coursing major. She has 14 points, now, just 1 to go.

Donna Hess' little Maddie had a most excellent weekend, finishing her USDAA Agility Dog title, and winning the standard class!!

Paul Mount's Zuri is MACH3 and on her way to the record and MACH4. Winner got his MACH3.

Linda Butterworth's GCH beagle Leena had a beautiful litter. Fallon + 2 of them.

Andrea Stone's Phaser and Gage each got their Very First Championship points!

Lisa Voss' Sparkle finally got the hang of the starting boxes and not only finished all 3 races today she won them all for her first GRC point.

Here's an extremely well written article about the terribly tragic Schoharie crash victims. If you’ve wanted to know more about them, read this. Death at the Crossroads: A Ragged Limo, an Anxious Driver and 17 Friends

The deadly limousine crash on October 13th left in its wake mourning families, young orphans and officials trying to piece together what went wrong.

The entire Rip Van Wrinkle Club offers condolences to our "neighbors".

Feel Better to:

Our dear friend, Allison Vicuna, in a long battle with ovarian cancer.

Sue Schulz was presented with an AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship medallion. She was nominated to receive this by the Southern Adirondack Dog Club's Board of Directors. Pictured is Carol Rose, SADC President, giving her the medallion.

Sue Schulz' Kojak and Hanna earned their AKC Trick Dog Novice Titles. -- so very proud of Kojak and Hanna!! Kojak and Hanna got mail! They are officially GCH SunDiata's Pickwick Edition RN THDN TKN CGC RATI and GCH Destiny's Pickwick's Simply Bliss RN TKN CGC RATI. Kojak earned his Achiever Dog Title along with his RN. They passed their Barn Hunt Instinct tests too, so we are looking forward to future Barn Hunts! They are just the best dogs ever!!

Susan Marsicano's Gilda got her CAA title and an AKC lure coursing BOB + more SGRC points and SORC points. FC Apu Painter Song SC RN CAA TKN GRC ORC JOR VBS2.

Heather Cruzate's Jingle is expecting!

Susan Marsicano's Liner and Gilda are expecting.

Linda Butterworth's Aeden was invited to the Dock Diving Invitational in Florida!

Susan Marsicano's Fiddle got her very first AKC LC LCX points.

Donna Hesse' Dolche got her DW1 title.

Malley Heinlein's Tiger Lily and Huck came home from the Shiba specialty with a pile of loot. Tiger Lily got her Novice P title, and her first leg of Novice P Jumpers. She also got another leg towards her RAE.

Huck got High Combined Triple Score in Rally, with two first places. He got his third leg towards his Rally Masters , and his 6th leg towards an RAE2
In Obedience, Huck got second place in Preferred Novice.

Just a lovely memory.

2007, fall, Overlook Mountain, Pi courting Sandy.

What we think about barking:

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