The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XXIII, Issue 3, August 2019

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Osenni photo.

Sunshine. . .

Occhi, Sandy, Trill - 2005

New Titles & Kudos & New Additions:

Karen Sahulka, "So, this happened!" First ride on Whim.

The Stewart's Tempest got her LCX2+ LCM2! GCH DC UCH Meisterhaus Neon Nights MC LCX2 THDA CGC TKA SGRC JOR ORC UP Tdx GEOA DSA ATD LCM2 VFCH MVB.


The Stewarts' Gambit got her LCX! GCH DC UCH Meisterhaus Neverwinter Nights MC LCX TKI JOR ORC GRC PDX Tdx Cadet Scout ATD LCM VFCH VB.

Susan Marsican's Goldie was WB, BOB, BOBOH and OH Group 4. She now has 10 pounts, with a major. She also got her trick Dog Novice title. Apu La Donna e Mobile TKN.

Karen Christensen's Rip got his SGRC2 - FC Apu Richard Parker SC CAA SGRC2 ORC JOT ORT VBS.

Susan Marsicano's Liner won a couple of NOTRA meets and recieved an award for #1 NOTRA Basenji, 2018. DC Apu i Liner RN SC CAA TKN FCh SGRC3 SORC JOR VB.

Susan Marsicano's Leaf won a 4 point major and now has 13 points. Oh, and he got his Trick Dog Novice title. Apu Painted Cat Burglar TKN.

Brenda Phillip's Zippie got her SGRC + she earned her FIRST agility title.


Captain earned his 7th, 8th,and 9th champ level qualifying scores this weekend, with less than a second to spare in two of the runs #squeeker.
"I love playing Barn Hunt with him!"

Wendy Hodges added Jillian's son, Trace, to the family.

Karla Schreiber's Zevon got some more single points, and a BOB!

Renee Meriaux added Wagontale’s You’d Better Shape Up
“Zuko” to the family,

Susan Marsicano's Fernie, almost 12 years old got herself a QQ, with a First in JWW, and a Second in Standard, + a Second & 8 points in Time2Beat. She's still jumping 16". Always fun to see the badsenji place like that, even though people still want to tell me how I am herding cats. She also won herself a couple of mid-point oval races. Go Fern!

Andrea Stone had quite a weekend. "One Best-of-Breed, two Selects, (giving Gage 3 majors toward his Grand), three NOHS wins, plus a major on Phaser!" Gage - CH Saorsa FoPaw's Warp Factor Won TKN.

Sue and Bob Schulz's Teagan got her Trick Dpg Novice title + another point from Bred-by. (Pickwick's Apu Poetry In Motion TKN).
Photo in early August - Leaf and Teagan.

Hannah Culver had her first time in PeeWee Class, and the Culver's Jasper got another point, and Ivy got her very first point. Ivy is Apu Miss Kitty's Can-Can Girl.

Jasper is Pickwick's Apu Keep on Dancing.

Susan Marsicano's Gilda won 2, or more, NOTRA meets in September. FC Apu Painter Song SC RN CAA TKN GRC ORC JOR VBS2. Bonacarti photo.

The Stewart's Bolt earned his CA & is on his way to LCX5. GCH DC Meisterhaus Days of Thunder MC LCX4 TKP CGC THDA CA GEOD Td PD DSA ETD FCH VBE.

Linda Butterworth's had quite a week! Long week but a fun week NBC National Specialty with Katie (her mom's beagle girlie) - High in Trial regular agility and Hit in Trial Obedience.
Aeden was Best Veteran AM Show at HMM under Lori Fausett and Best Veteran PM show under Rick Blanchard.
OOgnah 1st place both puppy classes.
Ellie pulled for consideration in BBE.
Saturday on so wicked course Katie earned her first of QQ and place 2nd in a tough 8 in Class earning 19 MACH points each run!

Kim McNeill's Devon & his daughter, Spy-C did very well in agility. "So, we had AH-mazing AH-gilities this weekend. The crowd cheered as I ran my last few runs on Sunday. For some reason the cheering wasn't quite as much on Saturday. That's because you pretty much ran a muck on Saturday. You need to listen to your momma and dance with the one who brought ya."

"But it's so exciting and sometimes the ring cannot hold my AH-mazingness. But I got 6 ribbons and a new jumpers title. Three of them red, my best color."

"yes, Devon, you did have some very nice runs on Sunday. One of them missed the ribbons by less than one second. And Spy-C also ran and she obviously inherited my AH-mazingness. Yes, Devon, she rather surpassed you."

"Which makes me even more AH-mazing."

In Memoriam

Our condolences to MaryBeth Prinsky on the passing of Callope"s son, Caesar. Apu Testa Rossa Nuova (18 Mar 2003 - August 2019)
He joins his bro, Ian, at the bridge. Caesar and Ian.

Our condolences to Sharon Buehler on the passing of Jaxon.

Our condolences to Beth Rham on the passing of her girl Luna - Ch. Jerlin’s Lunar Eclipse. "She lived a wonderful life and has contributed so much to RoseWood. My Lunatic lived up to her name. Always keeping me on my toes."

Our condolences to Dan Sailor on the passing of his beloved Buddy.

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