The Rip Van Wrinkler,
XX, Issue 3, August 2016

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Sunshine two. . .


{Our thoughts are with Jo Lunetta and family, as Don passed away on 15 July, after a battle with brain cancer.}


Yvonne 't Mannatje's Moyo won the "Tulpencoursing" and Lola was 2nd Moyo won the "Schanscoursing" and Lola was 3rd Lola was 2nd at the "Chocoladecoursing" Moyo was 3rd at the oval racing "Blue Ribbon" in Belgium.

Sue Schulz' Hanna won Best of Breed AND her first Rally Novice leg on the same day! WAY TO GO! They followed that up with a BOS plus 2 Best of Breed wins with big majors. CH Destiny's Pickwick's Simply Bliss.

In the Group.

The Stewart's Bolt has won both his majors, going BOS each time. Last I heard he's still 6 months old!

Susan Marsicano’s Gilda got her first championship point, 11 days past her 6 month birthday, at her first ever show, from Bred-by. Apu Painter Song.

Karla Schreiber's Kimber won a 4 point major, and she is now just one point shy of her title.

Lizabeth Nickless' Seeker won her first point, from Puppy 6-9!

Terri Gavaletz' Slim Shady has passed.

"We recently lost my heart dog, Slim Shady, age 9 1/2, GCH Jokuba-Kazor's The Way I Am, BISS, Eukanuba National Champion 2007, Eukanuba Award of Excellence 2008. 

Slim is sire of Audrey, Kisa, and Strider. He sired a litter two days before he died of a rapid, virulent pneumonia, cause unknown. He has posthumously become an Honor Roll Stud Dog. He is greatly missed to say the least."

Natalie and Harry and Hannah and Obike welcomed Nicholas! Born May 2 - Nicholas Robert Culver. 8 lbs. 10 oz.
"What a Mother's Day, with 5-day old Nicholas Robert. an amazing baby, doing things at less than a week that Hannah couldn't until 3 to 4 months. And so far no spit up/reflux (yay less laundry!!!) & some 3 & 4 hr sleeps at night. I don't want to jinx us but so far he is exponentially easier to care for than Hannah. & as always we wish big-brother James in heaven could be here with us..."

Brenda Phillip's Nike got a Novice FAST Q, with a 1st Place!

Susan Marsicano's Liner ran undefeated both days at the GSG's LGRA meet. He was Best of Breed both days for 6 National pts.


Kathryn Ladick's Rocky, who just got his SGRC8!

The Harlan's Harrison, who is being treat for Addison's Disease.

New Addition:

Linda's Butterworth's newly rescued Ziva gave birth to Abby (95 pounds) on 11 July 2016. Awesome!

In Memoriam:

The Chodock's Beck has passed. Apu Beck And Call.
13 December 2000 ~ 29 June 2016

"Our beloved Beck crossed the rainbow bridge on June 29 at 15 1/2 years old.  Even in his advanced age we would get stopped almost every time we went out for a walk by people who would ask what type of dog he was and how old our 'puppy' was. 

Like all basenjis he had his mischievous streak but he'd always give you that look, 'what me?'.  We miss his wagging donut and the jingling of his tags on his collar."

Beck and Hudson

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