The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXII, Issue 11, May 2018

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Training Conversation

1. Table hogs.

2. Taking one for the dogs.

Taking one for the dogs.

by Wendy Hodges

I was standing there to protect the dogs from hitting the pulleys behind me. Arya (pink) slams into me with her shoulder and I make sure I don't fall on top of her and then try to fall and roll. Jillian (yellow) thought I was inventing a new game.

Stool Hogs!


by Susan K-M, although Brenda Phillips says she is way ahead of me, and her Zippie is a stool hog as well.

Fiddle steps up onto Gilda's stool. Gilda takes the whole stool.
Fiddle's got it! Gilda gets it back. Liner is confused.
Stink eye! OK - 3 generations sharing. Fern, Fiddle and Gilda.

"Go to Place" has been a dog trainers' tool forever. My spoof, "Niner at the Circus".

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