The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIII, Issue 1, February 2019

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Training Conversation

1. ASFA planning their version of CABT.

2. Our little "rat fink" dogs.

3. First basenji to achieve an advanced agility title in Finland!

4. Mani-ped time.

5. REMINDER - Say NO to invisible fencing.

ASFA planning their version of CABT


Statement of Purpose:
The American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) Lure Chasing Instinct Stake
(trial) will evaluate each dog’s ability and desire to chase away or catch the artificial lure. Each dog will be
individually competing against the other dogs in the manner of singles stakes at field trials for sighthounds.
This program is optional for ASFA approved clubs using ASFA approved judges only. The club hosting
this program will run this as a separate stake during the regular trial and may set entry limits for this stake.
Clubs may also run this as a separate trial.

The standard ASFA running rules will guide these events with the following modifications.

Chapter I
General Rules

Section 1. All dogs entered must have a registration number via one of the following:
A. AKC Registration as one of the recognized breeds.
B. AKC Canine Partners, which is for mixed-breed dogs and dogs ineligible for AKC registration.
C. Purebred Alternative Listing (PAL) program, which is for purebred dogs that cannot be fully
registered with the AKC to participate in AKC events.
D. Foundation Stock Service® (FSS), which is for recorded breeds on the road to full AKC
E. United Kennel Club (UKC) registration as one of the recognized breeds.
F. If the dog has none of the above registrations, ASFA will provide a unique and permanent entry
number for a one-time $10 charge.
1. The owner has to complete an ASFA Request for unique entry number.
2. The Trial Secretary will submit a copy of the form with the records.
3. The owner will retain a copy as proof of request and payment until permanent number is

Section 2. The owner or agent entering a dog in a lure field trial does so at his own risk. The owner or
agent and licensed club agree to abide by the rules of the ASFA.

PDF to see more. . . . .

Our little "rat fink" dogs.

Andrea Stone

The way I train, and the way many people train now, favors problem solving in a lot of ways. I encourage and enjoy dogs that think through problems and show persistence. These traits are not often enjoyed in pet homes but goodness, I do love my little rat fink dogs! One rat fink just stole the bath mat and other is currently scanning the kitchen table.

Brenda Phillips Because I haven't trained my dogs to wait patiently for their turn, I often do short training sessions in the bedroom or bathroom, with the others locked out. Now when I take a handful of treats INTO a room they of course follow me, so I throw one, ttwo, three treats OUT the door to get the "not wanted now" ones to leave. NONE OF THEM LEAVE to get the thrown treats, they want to stay for the training session!

Andrea Stone I get the "Here, or here? Which? Who? Kitchen? No? Okay!"

Jackie Dering Out of necessity last year Luke learned "This is for Harley".
I must say I have always enjoyed these {rat fink} traits.

Suzanne LaCroix Had puppy people here today and my two and one year olds capitalized on the opportunity to demonstrate total Basenji chaos. Pulled the tablecloth, breaking the Christmas napkins holder, spreading cocktail napkins everywhere (those that weren't in t…See More

Sally Wuornos Yup, let them see what a basenji is capable of. I should have kept the door knob that Del had chewed up trying to get out the door!

Sanna Kortelainen
January 12

We did it!
Ninja is now FIRST BASENJI IN FINLAND who to get an agility certificate from highest agility class!!!

Dremel Nail Trimming

Jackie Dering ~ mani-pedi time.


So the collar works to keep your dog in? What about other animals out?

Here's a lesson for those of you using, or considering, invisible fencing. by Michael J. McCann

I got a call from my vet last night: her daughter had put her dogs in the yard when she got home from school, and an hour later, one of them, a terrier mix, was missing. She told me that she thought a coyote had grabbed him.

I ran over with my infrared camera, as it was after dark. It took us over an hour, but, we found him a couple hundred yards from home. He had fought off the coyote and most likely tried to get home. The shock collar around his neck had prevented his return, so he went back into the woods to lay down to die. When we found him he was pretty torn up with a temp of 94°F. It looks like we got to him just in time.

Invisible fencing is not going to keep animals, or other threats out of your yard. If your dog runs through the barrier in persuit of a critter, he's going to get corrected by that collar if he tries to get back.

Please don't even think about installing an invisible fence.

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