The Rip Van Wrinkler, XXIII, Issue 3, August 2019

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Training Conversation

1. PACH Valor.

1. First ever Borzoi MACH.


A fun memory for me to share: Years ago I thought I had put a CD on Ch Sonbar's Bicarbonate, CD. Finally called AKC. I had put 2 legs under the same judge, so needed another. So I entered this 10 year old girl to get that last leg. Sits and downs were between to young Viszlas. They were eyeing each other up and looking to play. Fizz looked at one of them, gave it the old snake eyes. Then looked at the other one, did the same thing. They each rocked back on their butts and didn't look at each other (over Fizz) the entire sit and down. Just amazing what she could do with just a look! And she did get that last leg to her CD that day.

Jackie Krenetz Dering Basenji girls rule.

Diana McCarty my fav obedience event was Bohda in utility spitting out the wrong article to you on purpose for punishing you for crating him while you stewarded.....followed closely by the Bohda jump fest at a national...

Karla Kraus Schreiber Bote was so much fun to watch!

Sally Wuornos He sure had fun applying the basenji rules to obedience

Diana McCarty I should mention that the way I spelled his name was the only way the gods of FB defaulted to.

Laura Gilchrist LOL my first Basenji would give the stink eye stare and make the dogs on either side of him break. He was bad. No one ever figured this out but me.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Bobbi Abelson told me this story of Rip on the long stay. She said it was at Taconic Hills, and the pheasants were running in the woods, and she said that one by one the bird dogs, then the working dogs, then all but basenji Rip, got up and went hunting. AM CAN Ch Rose-Bay's Gay Blade AM CAN CD SDHR. Born May 1964.

Susan Kamen Marsicano My first basenji, Blush, in the long down at Meadowlands, got up from her down to watch the horses on the track. Judge said, "Go quickly and quietly and get the basenji".

Karla Kraus Schreiber Quickly and quietly indeed!

Susan Kamen Marsicano We were on a second floor mezzanine with glass between us and the track.

Susan Kamen Marsicano Judges were afraid of basenjis in the 70s (as I see they are, very sadly, again). Blush would have qualified at Saw Mill that year, but the judge was afraid to touch her for the stand for exam. Afterwards the judge apologized, telling me that she had been told that the basenji would "nail" her. This came to mind in recent years when I could smell the fear in the breed ring, with judges afraid to approach the table.


PACH Jasiri-Sukari Bronco Busting Annie RN CAA SC MXP7 MXPS MJP4 MJPB TKP NDD NBDD VB (VBE pending).


So Ninja, AJIBU FOOLISH HEART, is now first basenji in Finland who has achieved agility certificate in medi 3 class, propably only one in Europe. She has also obtained two times the needed results to have a permission to entry to the Finnish Championships.

Team Chief!

Katie Campbell and Chief had their first weekend of agillity competitipn and this is what they did!

Two ACT1 tests; Two perfect scores of 100; First test 2nd place in his 16" division; Second test FIRST place in his 16" division (I think 34 entries per test, with 12 in his 16" division). And his run time was 1/2 second faster in the second course than the first at 28 seconds.

First Leg:

Second/final Leg:

Back cross!!!!

Chief is a very good boy and unusually biddable. Our first agility instructor picked him out as an excellent prospect when he was young, and I knew NOTHING about agility and hadn't finished him in conformation yet. But... now here we are.

The judge came up to me after his runs and literally gushed over Chief (it was nearly embarrassing) in front of doG and everyone. He was so complimentary of our teamwork and how agile Chief is. I'm just so proud to be able to do this with "a Basenji"... and we both have a lot of fun doing it.

NW2 Turkish!

Checking. Nope - not here.

Mom - come on . . .


Changes to AKC agility rules

Recently AKC’s Board of Directors approved the following changes to AKC’s Agility Regulations which will affect how entries are taken.

An exhibitor will be allowed to enter their dog in a mixture of Regular and Preferred classes within the same trial day/trial weekend (for example, Master Preferred STD/JWW and Regular Master FAST & T2B).
An exhibitor will be allowed to enter their dog in a mixture of Jump Heights within the same trial day/trial weekend (for example, 20-inch Master STD/JWW and 24C Premier STD & Premier JWW).

The effective date has been clarified from what was initially approved and published in the Board minutes. These changes shall be for trials occurring on/after Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

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